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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto gets its offical trailer 4 days ago
   OOOOO Prompto\'s got a girlfriend!
Call Of Cthulhu E3 trailer Weaves it\'s way into our minds 1 week ago
   Someone call Coon and Friends!
Killer Instinct introduces new fighter, Eagle 1 week ago
   Native American turned cyborg
Agents of Mayhem introduces Yeti the big man with a cold gun 1 week ago
   That\'s one badass Mr.Freeze
Super Lucky\'s Tale gets reveled 2 weeks ago
   Conker? Nope, nope def not conker.
Cuphead FINALLY gets a Release Date 2 weeks ago
   I mean it\'s only been at 4 E3\'s now
Crackdown 3 gets down with new trailer and release date 2 weeks ago
   Terry Crews please be a voice actor i...
Xbox One X Finally Announced 2 weeks ago
   With release date and price too
Sonic Forces releases a new track, a music track that is 2 weeks ago
   Sonic the hedgehog do do do do do do
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Announced 2 weeks ago
   Great, now get to work on that X coll...