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New 2TB Hard Drive Announcement 2 years ago
   Solution to a problem that should nev...
Mass Effect Andromeda Details to be Announced 2 years ago
   Waiting and seeing
Rare Replay Collection announcement 2 years ago
   RARE to see
Fallout 4 Release Date Announced 2 years ago
   Not long to wait
Welcome to the new Xbox Resource 2 years ago
   We hope you enjoy your stay!
Fallout 4 Announcement 2 years ago
   Bethesda to show more at E32015
New Xbox One Controller released in June 2 years ago
   Featuring a 3.5mm Audio Jack
Capcom Announce 'Resident Evil 0' Remaster For Early 2016 2 years ago
2K Games Teases "Advent" 2 years ago
Lords of the Fallen: GOTY announcement 2 years ago