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What is Xbox Resource Premium?
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What do I get with Xbox Resource Premium?
No Advertisements
You won't see any advertisements from third party sources. However We may still choose to advertise our own content so that you don't miss out on anything cool.

Prioritized Xbox Live Profile scanning
Your profile is updated quicker and more often over non-premium members.

Access to VIP areas/offers
Including VIP forums, VIP only competitions and giveaways and more.

Chance to become Beta Testers
We may randomly select VIP members to Beta test future site updates and features.

How do I join?
There are two ways to become Premium:

• We sometimes promote members to Premium members based on their dedication to the site and it's cause - promoting the site or helping out in ways that benefit the site.
- OR -
• You can become an Xbox Resource Premium member by donating to our cause, any amount you like £1 or above will grant you access - every little helps right?

How to Donate