Another big football event on the calendar and another edition of a world cup game is about to be released too. For the doubters who see it as a patched up Fifa 10, think again. From what I've played so far it's far more polished and improved on Fifa than i think anyone would imagine.

I've played roughly 4 games so far. Twice as Spain and twice as Italy. The scores were close considering each half consists of only two minutes of play. My first game was won 1-0 by the goal below.

xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... o/18746404

On load up of the game, the first thing that strikes you are the bright and comical menu graphics. It's a welcome change from the Fifa menus of past years. The dark grey and black menu's have been replaced with bright orange, red and yellow delights.

When entering the first game. I sat and interestingly watched all the opening cut scenes to try and see if the atmosphere would stand up to comments from EA. In the end it did and did so stunningly. The crowd noise is fantastic as are the crowd themselves. You get a glimpse of a quartet of your support at the beginning of every game. All covered in face paint, country colours and even wigs. Quite a sight to be honest.

When it came to the players themselves I was equally impressed. It seems they've notched up the graphics that little bit more. Torres and co looked determined and ready for the game ahead.

Game-wise. I took it upon myself to try out my old Fifa style play. Get the passes on the go and try work my way through the defence. It proved harder than first thought. The defensive AI no longer take their time to catch up with a winger. They're right up on you as soon as you slip past them. It's a challenge but a welcome challenge for sure.

Another thing I noticed was the jostling system. It's been refined in that there aren't any weird glitch moments when your player will fall through the opposing player and so on. No glitchy luck and so forth. Definitely improved on nicely.

The main point I want to bring up is the shooting. Anyone who played FIFA 10 would know and be frustrated at the shooting in that game. All too often would your opponent (if online) simply get one-on-one with your keeper and lob him. Not only have they stopped the keeper rushing out like before, they've made it a lot harder to lob in that style. I went a whole half trying to do it but never got a goal once. Keeper stood his ground in the end.

Another plus point to the shooting are the low shots. Take a look at this

xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... o/18748294

When I scored it I sat back and actually shouted out with joy. It's been a while since i did that in a game but the goal deserved it. The shot was so low and driven but also hard and direct. It worked out perfectly. The low shots in FIFA 10 would sometimes simply just roll along the ground at a slow pace to either go wide or be easily saved. It did look awfully unrealistic.

That's my initial impressions then of the FIFA World Cup 2010 Demo. I'm still playing happily at the moment. They've did good things here for sure. I've pre-ordered the game which is due out at the end of April, the 30th to be exact. I'll post a full review not long after that when I get the time so until then get playing the demo and enjoy.


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