Here's the Marketplace Schedule from the week beginning 7th April 2010 - direct from majornelson.com/....

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week
April 12: Left 4 Dead Crash Course, 320 Points
April 12: The Maw, 400 Points (Japan only)
April 19: Borderlands Zombie Island, 400 Points

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand
April 13: Tomb Raider: Legend (North America)
April 13: Devil May Cry 4 (Europe, Australia and New Zealand)
April 20: Halo 3 (All Xbox LIVE Regions)
April 20: Saints Row (Europe)

Xbox LIVE Arcade
April 14: Final Fight: Double Impact, 800 Points

Xbox Avatar Marketplace
April 13: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction
April 15: Forza Motorsport 3

Xbox 360 Game Add-Ons
April 7 Mega Man 10 Bass and Mega Man 10 Special Stage 1 Game Add-ons, 80 points each
April 13: Forza Motorsport 3 Road & Track Car Pack, 400 Points

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