Bungie have revealed some new details about he highly anticipated Halo Reach.

Firstly we will look at what Bungie is calling Player Investment this will be a way of matchmaking in Halo Reach, instead of players being matched on Skill players will now be matched on other values e.g. Total time played.

Luke Smith of Bungie said;

From the outset, we wanted to find a way to reward all types of Halo players,

We've done a great job in the past of catering to the end game, hardcore, super-dedicated player - and we have hundreds of thousands of them still playing our games every day - but we need to do a better job rewarding all types of Halo players. Player Investment in Reach is our way of achieving this goal.

You can find other new details that Bungie have released about Halo Reach below.

* Credits. The currency for doing cool stuff in Reach. These will not only serve as a source of disposable income - that players will spend on aesthetic customisation - but also as the metric that informs players' Military Rank. As players' Military Ranks increase, they will get access to more customisation elements - and in some cases, customisation regions - in the Armoury.

* Armoury. Bungie calls this 'the in-game representation of the entire Player Rewards ecosystem'. This is the destination where players will come to spend their hard-earned Credits on customising their Identity in Reach. A variety of helmets, shoulders, chests and accessories will be available to spend your hard earned credits on. Your aesthetically customized Spartan will be reflected in both the campaign and competitive multiplayer modes.

* Challenges. One source of Credits in Reach is completing Challenges. Challenges come in two types, Daily and Weekly Challenges. Each day, players will be greeted with a new set of Challenges to complete in Reach. One day a week, players will receive an updated Weekly Challenge - often times with a significant addition to difficulty.

* Commendations. Another source of Credits in Reach is Commendations. Commendations are persistent, super-Medals that are collections of various player actions taken over time. These Commendations are levelled up based on player actions and also award Credits throughout their Progression. When viewed as aggregations of player actions, Commendations provide detailed information on what type of player you are - and what type of player your friend is.

Guest 10 years ago
I guess this a way to make Reach different from other shooters. I'm soo excited. Will this be in the beta?
10 years ago
I don't know but I would imagine so as it's a big part of the multiplayer.