Seeing as this is my first review since I reviewed Modern Warfare 2 back in November I may be a little rusty so bear with me.

Anyway as you may or may not have known Metro 2033 is an fps based in the year 2033, 20 years after a nuclear strike hit Moscow and pretty much devastated the whole or Russia leaving little remaining survivors.

This is where Metro 2033 now really gets its praise from and that is telling the story of a lone survivor who as lived his whole life, like many others in Moscow's Metro Stations underground, the lone survivor though finds out that many of the other stations including his own are either under attack from dark ones or will soon to be under attack.

Now after looking at that plot line you may think meh its just probably going to be another average fps title which offers very basic game play and will be over and done with in a few hours with a very sub par plot which will probably be very predictable and boring.

Well I would like to take the time now to say you will be very much mistaken, granted there may not be much in the way of plot twists, but with all the different things that happen in the plot and everything you must do in each mission will normally always make this game feel fresh.

As I stated before though the plot will see you going off by yourself and meeting up with other random characters which such may be useful and others maybe not but these people will show you and help you through all the different metros and take on the dark ones to help you fulfil your end goal, to rescue your home metro before its to late.

So then that's the plot out of the way now onto the game mechanics, something you probably also think will be very bland and very fps like. Well okay you will be half way correct but metro 2033 offers some very new and ingenious concepts to the survivor horror fps types of games.

So lets start off with the fact that we know that the whole of Russia as been nuked correct well this means that if you have to go topside out of the metro for different tasks and so on and so forth you will have to wear a gas mask to make sure you don't choke to death.

Now the gas masks wont just protect you and you will be fine, each mask as a filter, and each filter lasts around 10-15mins which means that if you want to survive outdoors your going to have to scavenge more filters through your time in the metro or outside.

You can normally see how much time each filter as got left by looking at your wrist watch which countdowns from 10-15mins. Once it gets to around 5 minutes your guy will start to breath really heavily as he is losing oxygen and your gas mask will get all condensed meaning you wont be able to see a whole lot. But you now have the option of either manually changing your filter or letting the timer on your watch run to zero so it changes it automatically for you.

At the end of the day its all up to you if you want your filters to last another 5 mins and can deal with the blurriness of your gas mask then do so but as i say its all personal preference.

Another interesting game mechanic is the headlamp which every so often will need to be re pumped up again to full so that you get the most beneficial light source possible because as you can imagine it can get very dark down in the metro areas and you will need them for one specific type of enemy which I will discuss later on.

As for weapons in the game none of the weapons are your everyday weapons because as the story goes since the nukes went off no military weapons remain meaning that all guns are all hand made. and which now brings me onto my next point the currency in the game.

Don't expect to be looking around constantly for cash because there wont be any, sort of like fallout 3s mechanic with the bottle caps as currency, Metro 2033 uses the fact that old military fire rounds are the new cash because of how rare they are to come across now, all the weapons you use in the game will have there own ammo type but none of them will use military ammo as like i say its now being used as cash or trade in offers.

So then onto the enemies and there's a few different ones for you to kill while doing the campaign you have your normal human Nazi types but also you have creature types which really aren't discussed about in the story or how they became to be your worst enemy. Some can be easy to kill whilst others can be down right hard to kill like the demons or the librarians as there called. the lurkers are probably the easiest though by far.

Some special enemies though which really took my notice were say for example you see a blue sort of lightning ball coming towards you, now who would of thought that that ball could rip you to shreds and doom you for an eternity in around a split second if your close enough to it. Well like year that's how powerful they can be and you never actually ever get to kill one in the game so as to whether or not they can be killed i'm not sure to be honest.

Other enemies include amoebas which are like the lightning things but are green which a brain like thing in the middle which are easy 1 hit things to kill but will kill you in a few seconds if they get close enough.

But the enemy which I wish they had reflected on more in the game which seemed the most intriguing were the things called the ghosts which really wasn't ghosts but more like shadows that would just sit and wait and you would see the shadows watching you. Then if you turned your light off for a split second you would be pretty much dead meat.

So then to the overview of this game all in all this game shocked me at how good it was considering it was only announced a few months ago graphics wise are some of the most stunning i have seen in a game for awhile, with detail being shown everywhere in the metro. some technical flaws here and there but what game doesn't come with them nowadays.

Achievements wise maybe not the strongest game for achievement whores as the game doesn't so called give you easy achievements, achievements come in many different forms in this game from killing a set amount of enemies or getting kills so many times with a different weapon to sometimes having to go out your way and look for how to complete something a little differently to earn the achievement.

But all in all the list is solid and one I enjoyed even though I did miss quite a few by accident.

All in all though I definitely recommend everybody play this game granted it may not be for you but i'm sure you will get some sort of enjoyment out of it which is why I give this game.


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