on march 3rd portal got a patch on PC (not quite sure for xbox with the arcade and orange box) but I'm posting this anyway because people say this may have something to do with the recently announced portal 2.

the update has two things really. first off is a new ending. be warned it is kinda... weird. like more weird than Dan.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZE39Q7y ... re=related

creepy right? what does it mean we might never know.

next is something not as creepy but still makes no senses. it is the transmission revived achievement on steam. again idk about xbox.


so when you find a radio take it to a certain place in the chamber. it will take some exploring before you find the secret message. it's like a metal detector.

do this with all 26 hidden radios for an achievement.

OK what?
forums.steampowered.com/forums... ... ?t=1169218


OK so now it seems like you can get pictures with the sounds. most likely from just pulling the sound files from the game. and the guy in the video says it's from the Borealis.

so here is a break down. valve made an update with a new ending plus put secret sounds in the game and you get an achievement for finding them all. but programs that can convert sound into pictures have been showing some portal related stuff. since the aperture logo in on each picture then this obviously isn't a fluke and these pictures mean something. these pictures contain mostly code and other stuff.

so i think valve is putting us on a treasure hunt. as i am interested in this i will be researching more and keeping you updated.

feel free to post your wtf comments below.

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