Scrap Metal is the second game to be released during Xbox Live's Block/House Party event and for me personally is the funnest of the 3 games that have been released (or not).

Fans of the classic Micro Machines games will appreciate the controls and mechanics of this fine game in which you find yourself in small, heavily armoured with dangerous weaponry to boot, vehicles either running laps of a map, playing king of the hill type matches or just generally beating the living daylights out of your opponents.

The game takes a little while to get used to if you aren't used to the Micro Machines type of controls and can sometimes feel a bit funny when driving downwards - but you get the hang of it eventually. You can obtain nitrous boosts to help you whizz around the maps quicker and you can also pick up special weapons/abilities that impede your opponents such as oil slicks or rockets.

Whatever your task in the campaign mode though it seems that simply destroying every other car in the game usually places you as the winner since there's no-one else to compete against. This is unless you are playing with a friend or online, but more on that shortly. There are a decent amount of levels each with their own goals. Each level has a boss and it seems that there are a lot of customizable cars for you to choose from - allowing you to change the colour right down to what weapon they possess - anything from Chainsaws to Machine Guns, Flamethrowers to Grenade Launchers and more.

Multiplayer Capabilities

As mentioned previously, the game does feature both online and offline multiplayer, whilst the campaign cannot be done co-operatively, one can play with 3 of their friends offline or with a variety of others on Xbox Live.

Achievements & Awards

The achievements are quite evenly placed with a majority of them easily obtainable through normal play, there are also a few online ones which may be more difficult to get but still not all that hard. The game also features two Avatar Awards (which can be xboxresource.com/viewavatars.p...


This game is definitely worth a trial if nothing else, which you can get from the following link - marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/gam... ... ?cid=SLink

I would check it out because it is a good multiplayer game which will provide a great laugh and entertainment for you and your friends. It is the type of game where you will have stories to tell the next day. If I had to give it a score it would be 9/10.


i really like this game dont get me wrong, it reminds me of great times gone by which will probably never be seen again like destruction derby ect.
Two main gripes with this game though is that the a.i can be seriously overpowerd and will look for any and every oppertuinity to screw you out of winnin the race as many times as it can possibly come up with.
And also the controls are half broken sometimes they work sometimes they dont. You can be in a race then all of a sudden the controls will break for a few secodns and you wont be able to control your car properly and you find yourself hitting the reset race function all to often.