So the Blur Multiplayer Beta is up and running and people have had a while to play the living daylights out of it and why wouldn't they?

The game is, in simple terms, Mario Kart for Adults. It's like Need for Speed with the added Mario Kart elements such as being able to fire missiles at one another. To get into the Blur Beta, you need to have a code that you can redeem on their blurgame.com/beta... - found in the source link - but since there are plenty of codes available, you shouldn't have any trouble at all finding one.

When you first start the Multiplayer Beta, you are limited in options - but that's obviously down to it being a Beta and not the full game, when you finally do get to join a race then you will notice that the smoothness in controls whilst driving is pretty good, it feels like a serious street racing game - but as you progress you start to pick up power ups which offer things like shields, missiles, mines etc... and this is what gives it the edge - naturally you can use these weapons to take out your opponents, give yourself an advantage or simply shield yourself from any attacks.

Once the weapons start getting involved it all feels very Mario Kart but the fact that it is a street racing game means it merges pretty well and is definitely a unique idea for a game - I can see it being something that Online Multiplayer fans will enjoy very much simply because it is different to the usual multiplayer games that are popular today.

My last words would be if you can grab hold of a Beta Key then do so - you will not be disappointed if you have any part of you that likes racing games at all. I may even have a Key or two to give away sometime so keep an eye out!

Feel free to add your own first impressions here too.

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