twitter.com/fourzerotwo... (Infinity Wards Community Manager) recently bought our attention to a certain website (the link to which can be found at the bottom of this article). On the site, users are asked if they suffer from 'Mapathy', a make believe illness which stresses those who are diagnosed out purely from playing the same Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 maps for several months.

Well, according to the site, a release date has been set and your 'cure' is set to drop on March 30th in the form of the first Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack. Remember though that Xbox 360 has timed exclusivity for this Map Pack so please spare a thought to those PS3 user's who will have to suffer for a little while longer. More details as they arrive.

Source - xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... pathy.com/

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