so this rumor states that windows 8 will have GFWL bundled with the software, maybe on windows 8 directly or a separate installation disk. i find it funny how they are talking about windows 8 already when windows 7 hasn't been out for more than a half year.

brightsideofnews.com/news/20... ... rvice.aspx

it also says that Microsoft is trying to compete with valve and their steam product. and that bundling GFWL with W8 will save it.

this is a load of bull. first, steam has over 1000 games. not only that, but with steam people can make mods, maps and not to mention the godly no clip.

in short, no matter what valve is going to rape Microsoft.

did anyone else laugh when it said Christmas 2012? the date when the 2012 theory is said to destroy the world? lol


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