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In this thread, we will look at the most effective ways to spot a Nuke Booster, how to tackle them and spoil their chances at succeeding and also what you can do to help stop them from continuing.

Common Nuke Booster Giveaways
Game Type
Nuke Boosters almost always head to the Free-for-all matches, this is because no matter what, the Boosters will all be on the opposite team and also, they won't show up on any team mates radars. However Hardcore matches can also be advantageous to them as they also don't show on the radar unless someone calls in a UAV.

Clan Tags
Because Nuke Boosters are almost always friends or people that are part of a clan, one big clue as to the possibility of Nuke Boosters is by their clan tag. If someone has the same clan tag as another gamer then chances are they are affiliated with each other - whilst this doesn't suggest they definitely are Nuke Boosters but rather two or more friends enjoying a legit game of MW2, it would be wise to keep an eye on the kill feed just in case.

Because one or more Nuke Boosters are effectively sacrificing themselves to another in order to award them with the killstreaks they desire. The scoreboards will often show obscure results where the Nuke Boosters are - results such as 20 kills and 1 death for one person and then 1 Kill and 20 deaths for another are probably a sign that they are Nuke Boosting. However you have to be careful - it is possible (but unlikely) that that guy is just really that good and that other guy is really that crap at the game. However you should be able to judge by how long it takes them to rack up this score as to whether it is legit or not.

Kill Feed
The Kill Feed (which is the list of kills and deaths in the bottom left corner) is another clear giveaway for Nuke Boosters. Keep an eye on it if there are possible Nuke Boosters present and you may notice the same two people gettings kills against each other within seconds apart - that's because they are boosting. The method of killing can also determine whether they are boosting or not, boosters tend to go for Knife kills (as these are silent and don't show on the radar) or headshots with a silenced weapon (which again don't show on the radar). Headshots count towards unlocking various camouflages for weapons - so this is another thing they are boosting to get as well.

Beware though that some people try to throw you off by mixing it up a bit... they will perhaps get a head shot, then a knife kill, then a standard torso kill with a silenced weapon and then maybe another torso kill with a silenced secondary weapon.

The quickest way to get to a tactical nuke is to have a Predator Missile, Harrier Strike/Pavelow and Chopper Gunner/AC130. Whilst this isn't definite proof it may serve as an aide to determining a nuke booster. Look for the time it takes them to get to the higher killstreaks and the time taken between killstreaks. If a player has a Pavelow or something similar early on in a game, chances are he is either really, really good or a nuke booster.

Knowledge of Boosting Spots
To effectively hunt the Nuke Boosters, you need to have a sound amount of knowledge on every map. The best way to do this is to head to a private match on your own or with friends and look for places that are hidden from plain view, hard to get to or out of the way - i.e. away from where most of the action happens in a match. Then when you have figured that part out, start actively looking in those spots when you suspect Nuke Boosters. To tell you the popular spots would take too long as there are so many, but if you watch a couple of videos by this guy, Sandy Ravage, he shows you a lot of the popular places to look: xboxresource.com/viewurl.php?u... ... end=1&ob=4

So how do I stop them?
Correct Class Setups
In order to effectively prevent the Boosters from doing what they are doing, you need to have the right class setups... preferably more than one class designed to accomplish certain tasks... whilst I am not going to tell you what to create class wise, I will go through certain weapons and perks that will aide you in your quest against the boosters - it is up to you to determine which work best for you.

Any Sub Machine Gun (Primary Weapon)
Although small and quite weak, you can quickly take out two Nuke Boosters with an added bonus - if you time it right you can kill one person, kill the second and then kill the first person again if they used a tactical insertion thus earning you a Triple Kill.

AA-12, Striker, Akimbo Rangers/Model 1887's or M1014 (Secondary Weapon)
These shotguns are powerful or can fire multiple times without the need to cock the gun. And because of the spread you can easily take two or more boosters out if your close enough to them.

Thumper (Secondary Weapon)
The thumper isn't the best thing to use against the Nuke Boosters all the time but it can certainly help dispose of them quickly. Once you find the Boosters, simply fire off a grenade into their location and watch the double kills rack up - possibly with a Denied as you destroy their tactical insertion too.

RPG-7 (Secondary Weapon)
A very useful tool in a hunters arsenal, especially those who like to show off a little. You get two RPG rockets that can be free fired from quite a distance away, provided you have a direct shot you can take all of the boosters out in one fell swoop with this. (Sandy Ravage's weapon of choice)

Sitrep (Perk)
Sitrep lets you see where enemy Claymores, C4, Tactical Insertions and grenades are... perfect for Nuke Boost Hunting - because you can see where these items are even through walls... you can quite easily see from afar where such activities as nuke boosting are happening - although it is not always definite as some people use Tactical Insertions legitimately to respawn at a vantage point - it will help you to find where they are hiding and any defenses they have made using claymores.

One Man Army (Perk)
A perk which is widely misunderstood but can be so helpful. One Man Army lets you swap classes at any time during the match without the need to die. This effectively means you can swap between classes which may have other perks or weapons which the situation calls for. However one main use is to restock whatever ammo you have used thus far, including grenades, C4, Noob Tubes and everything else imperitive to a boost hunters arsenal - effectively giving you infinite ammo.

Bling (Perk)
Useful for those who wish to utilise two attachments on a weapon - combine Silencer and a Noob Tube for explosive stealth or a heartbeat sensor and a silencer to ensure that you know where the boosters are.

Cold Blooded (Perk)
This makes you undetectable by UAV, air support, Sentry Guns, and thermal. Great for getting up close to an enemy who may have a UAV, Sentry gun or various other ariel killstreaks in play.

Ninja (Perk)
Ninja makes you undetectable to Heartbeat sensors - some people use these sensors to see whether someone is skulking around near them and then to prepare for an attack. It also makes your footsteps silent so that an enemy cannot hear when you are near them.

Semtex (Equipment)
Semtex can be good also as they explode much quicker than an uncooked grenade and can stick to players. Toss a Semtex in the direction of some boosters and watch the double kill.

C4 (Equipment)
C4's are mainly for show off's when it comes to Nuke Boost Hunting but can still be very useful. To use them you need to be up close to the boosters... something which is only really easy on levels with tall grass. Toss a C4 and then run away and watch as the boosters get blown up unaware that you were ever even near them.

Grenade Launcher AKA Noob Tube (Attachment)
See Thumper

Silencer (Attachment)
Most weapons come with an optional Silencer attachment, although you can get away quite comfortably without one, it makes it easier to get to a location where you know boosters are - as you will quite possibly come across people trying to play the game legit during your travels. Alerting the boosters you are near them by shooting (thus showing you on the radar) might cause them to stop for a second and be on guard to take you out before you take them out.

Heartbeat Sensor (Attachment)
Perfect for spotting Nuke Boosters that are hiding nearby, your weapon gets a small blue screen on the side that beats every few seconds - if there is an enemy nearby you will see a red dot in their direction.

What else can I do?
Keep focusing on them
Nuke Boosters hate it when someone focuses on them constantly - once you find a group of boosters, try to make it your goal to smoke them out every chance you get. This will annoy them to the point that they will either leave or send you an abusive message back - to which you can laugh to yourself at the nievity of them. You are also doing the rest of the team a favour by doing this as you are keeping the game both fun for yourself and for them... no-one likes being nuked at the end of the day. Another advantage you might find is that if your good enough, you can easily win the match by doing this - plenty of times I have come first in a free-for-all by hunting nuke boosters without even realising what my score was - what a way to give them the middle finger!

Follow them between games
Another funny tactic is to follow them to every game you possibly can, if they quit out - mainly due to you or another person ending their streak prematurely - quickly exit the map and look on the guide menu at your recent players list... find their gamertag and wait until it says they have entered another match which is joinable... follow them into the map and resume your hunting. The ultimate goal is to get them to log off - but be warned... sometimes people appear offline to fool you but really they are still online.

Offer to help them
A tactic also made famous by Sandy Ravage is to offer to help them... earn their trust, let them meet up with you in a game and let them get a few kills against you, wait for them to get near to a decent killstreak reward and then quickly end it by killing them... talk about rubbing salt into the wounds. Whilst this isn't the best method for fighting against them, it is a pretty funny way of getting back at them.

Send them a message
I sometimes send a message to said nuke boosters explaining to them that I have reported them to Xbox Live enforcement (See File a complaint below). Whilst this usually warrants an abusive message back it also strikes fear into them, it makes them worried that they are being watched and that the banhammer of justice may smite them if they are caught. Put it this way, if they do send an abusive message back, it just serves as further proof of their actions.

Submit a negative player review
If you don't fancy ever bumping into known boosters in future (not that it is very likely with the vast array of players who play CoD every day) you can file a negative review on them - this also affects their reputation and warns others that they might not be very nice people in Live. To submit a review if you are unsure of how to then follow this link: xboxresource.com/help.php?t=22...

File a complaint against them on Xbox Live
Nuke Boosting is actually against the Xbox Live Terms of Service in so many words... it is actually classed as cheating and ruining the Live experience for others, therefore you are quite within your rights to file a complaint against them - follow this link if you are unsure: xboxresource.com/help.php?t=22...

You will not hear from the Xbox Live enforcement team of any results about your complaint after you have filed it but rest assured that they do everything they can to keep Xbox Live as fun and as fair as they possibly can - and that involves dealing with people like this.

Make your voice heard
Boosters wont stop until they realise that what they are doing is giving them a bad name, like our xboxresource.com/hallofshame.p..., be vocal about those doing it. Exhaust every possible method you can get away with to alert people that someone is nuke boosting. Sandy Ravage, who we mentioned previously, showcases his nuke boost hunting skills on a website where you can watch people playing games in real time and on on youtube with various montages of his time on Live. Take pictures of the scoreboards at the end of a round as proof that someone has boosted their way to the top or take notes of known boosters gamertags and submit them to people like us. The more they realise they are being exposed, the more chance they will pack in cheating in games.

That pretty much concludes this tutorial on how to tackle Nuke Boosters. Whilst there may be other methods out there, I may not have covered everything so if you have something to add to this then please do make yourself heard. Also if you have any information about Nuke Boosters then please get in contact also - please make sure that you provide proof though because we wouldn't want to accuse people without good reason would we?

Nuke Boosting is a cancer to Modern Warfare 2, and like a cancer it is extremely hard to get rid of - but together we can help reduce the effects of people Nuke Boosting and make Modern Warfare 2 a fun and fair environment for everyone. Thanks for your help!

- Article By Daniel Wheeler (x2i) of XboxResource.com - please give credit and a link back to the site if used elsewhere.

10 years ago
Lol glad someone agrees with me... the hall of shame page is kind of messed up at the moment... doubt I will continue it actually because I have since stopped hunting for nuke boosters since the new maps came out... unless there becomes a big need for it then just keep a list to yourself and maybe one day we can do something about it.
9 years ago
Also may I add, that as you go into a FFA, instead of choosing a class, press B to spectate and cycle through all the players. Obviously if you see someone boosting then get your RPG out :P