With the release of a new chapter in the Resident Evil 5 saga hitting the marketplace today, I couldn't wait to get an excuse to return to the game again after near enough completing the whole of the main story on every difficulty.

The Lost In Nightmares DLC saw the return of Jill and Chris side-by-side, in a mansion, fighting evil in an all new episode. What more could a classic Resident Evil fan want?

I summoned my partner in crime, smad69, and buffed up the disc ready to get a decent length of playtime out of the new DLC, we had all night to waste, the lights were off and the sound was up high and we were ready to go. Here is what we thought about it.

At first you start off in the great hall of a mansion similar to the one found in Resident Evil 1, the grand stairway and a door to either side of the hall - to a retro resi fan this kind of environment was all too familiar - and as Jill and Chris discuss in-game - it takes you back to the Racoon City incident. You don't have any weapons except a handgun (so don't expect your main game weapons to carry over).

As you progress through both familiar looking rooms and new looking rooms in the mansion, you seem to face puzzles which heavily resemble classic ones found in the old Resi games - such as finding notes with passwords on, heating paper up to reveal the ink, finding broken crests which need to be put together to work, playing Moonlight Sonata on a keyboard to open up a hallway to an emblem and other such activities. There's even a room where the ceiling descends and threatens to make another Jill Sandwich.

Whilst these familiar activites might excite a newcomer, to a veteran like me it seemed a little too easy. The atmosphere of the mansion though has definitely been enhanced - smad was afraid to turn a corner without me in case something jumped out at him... and to our surpise, nothing ever did for the first 10-15 minutes of the game. No enemies whatsoever - just a few crows and the occasional mice.

Eventually you make your way to the dungeons underneath the mansion and this is where the action starts, you come across some pretty meaty baddies and you only have a handgun, SMG and a shotgun to take them out with - maybe a sniper if you are good enough to spot it. Eventually you lose your weapons and have to use the surroundings to take them out.

Just when you get your handgun back, the scene where you encounter Wesker cuts in and as if by magic you are fighting him, using only a pistol, which he dodges constantly. After a few minutes of dodging him and getting a few hits to the face from him - Jill ends the scene by sacrificing herself to knock Wesker out of the window to the depths of the valley below - and thats it... end of the chapter.

Seriously that's the end, all in all it takes about 30 minutes to complete, on Veteran. Professional may take longer but only because of Wesker. The game to me, a hardcore resi fan, was a complete letdown. At first I was so excited to be back in a mansion solving puzzles with Jill, like I said, the atmosphere was amazing - it felt like something I was going to throuroughly enjoy... but alas for 400MSP I wasn't expecting a miracle.

*However I later attempted the game on Veteran difficulty and was suprised at how hard it actually is. You are now attacked in the Mansion instead of the dungeons as well and your ammo for dealing with them is few and far between - we often had to resort to hitting them with our knives. Also a part in the dungeons threw us off a bit as we thought we had killed the enemies but they did something different - which I will leave you to find out. If you do attempt this on the harder settings then expect it to take about an hour or so - but it is still comparitively easy as opposed to the main storyline.

Also with the DLC comes the Mercenaries Reunited, which in simple terms is just Mercenaries but with new characters... namely Barry Burton and Excella Gionne. If you weren't a fan of merceneries mode before then don't expect anything to have changed in this.

The game features 5 new achievements bringing the total to 1300, probably to make room for the next upcoming DLC to have achievements too. Most of them just require you to play through the game on different settings - easy really.

All-in-all I think this DLC had massive potential, I would have glady paid 800, even 1200 for something longer than this. They could have added more enemies, or better yet - zombies! If you really are a Resi Nut, don't mind shelling out 400MSP or just want something to do then yeah, I would suggest this. But otherwise I would advise you to save your money - especially if you're looking for something epic and replayable.

I would have loved to give this DLC a good review and a good score because I really do love me a bit of Resident Evil, but unfortunately I will have to give it a 5/10 - simply because it had the potential to be extremely good - yet it failed to deliver.

10 years ago
I feel that after playing this on Veteran and planning to on Professional difficulty, I owe it to the review to amend it a little - I will mark where I have added to it with an asterisk(*) so that you need not read it all again.