Recently, quite a few people in the press have had a bit of time to spend with the upcoming Xbox Game Room - a lot of them were a little apprehensive about what to expect but upon playing it, some things have become apparent that we didn't know previously.

I have read quite a few reviews and hands-on documentations and have collated a few notes that you might want to take into account if you too are a bit undecided on Game Room.

As we already know, Game Room will launch with a total of 30 games, ranging from Centipede to Asteriods - classic 80's gaming. Every subsequent week thereafter will see the release of 7 new games.

Each gaming zone can be customised with various themes. Again as we already know, the pricing of the games stands at 240MSP to unlock a game for either Xbox Game Room or Windows Live Game Room, 400MSP for both and only a few MSP to play 1 game - but what we didn't know is that visiting other peoples arcades you earn credits - these credits are given free and can be then used to have a go on games instead of shelling out.

A major point of the games is to reach high scores in the leaderboards and to help you do so, you can rewind your own actions to a safer point and resume play if you mess up, you can also watch other peoples attempts in the leaderboard so that you know how you can match up to them and what tactics they use.

For the Achievement Hunters, the game will feature 1000 Gamerscore spread out across the whole of Game Room, it is not apparent yet whether Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live will be seperate but my guess is that they wont. Achievements are awarded by completing medals that are under three self explained tiers, Points Buster, Survivalist and Time Spender.

Overall I have learnt that Game Room promises to be a richer experience than it is thought to be, I suggest you give it a shot and then decided if this is true or not.

If you aren't yet up to scratch on what Game Room is about, please follow this link: viewtopic.php?f=245&t=2379

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