I'm constantly on the prowl for XBOX 360 news both for personal interests and for sites such as this one. One thing I find from looking on forums and websites is the constant whining about the current XBOX Dashboard and the features that the XBOX 360 has so far and a huge number of What If's arise when you put together these downsides. So I decided I wanted to get peoples opinions on what they think would benefit the XBOX 360 or Dashboard. Please be reasonable with your thoughts and make sure they are possible.

Personally I think the following things could either be fixed or implemented:

- The dashboard themes are all good if your willing to buy premium ones (or are lucky enough to grab a free one). However the 'blob' at the bottom of the screen is quite ugly for most of the non-premium themes. Why not have a simple option to change it's colour - it obviously can be edited because the premium themes do it.

The guide button and menu backgrounds are a neutral looking blue and can be a bit boring after a while. Why not have the option to change the colour of this too?

Also, the My Xbox, Game Library, My Pictures/Music/Videos, Console Settings buttons are green as standard, these should match the colour of the 'blob' or the guide colour. Perhaps they could all share a common colour.

- Look at the PS3 Home. Why not have places/rooms where you and your mates avatars can chill and play small games like pool or darts. Imagine inviting your friends over to an apartment you styled and furnished, all laughing and joking and interacting. You could customise the wallpaper and photo's with your own images. And this could benefit Microsoft too because they would undoubtedly make content for your 'cribs' which you would have to pay for - or indeed unlock by playing games.

From your 'crib' you could walk into the dressing room and change your avatars clothes to something more to the mood - perhaps a game of 1 vs 100 might beckon for a suit. Seems a little far fetched but it would be a vast improvement.

- Increased party player limit. Especially if a feature such as the previously mentioned one was to be implemented.

- Avatars could have accessories and items such as handbags, walking sticks, camera's. When you talk into your mic your avatars mouths could move along with it.

- Avatar images on XBOX.com should have more poses.

Just a few idea's on my behalf - feel free to add your own.

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