The lucky people in Canada will get a chance to play the LIVE Beta for 1 vs 100 on the 8th May. It is unconfirmed yet whether other countries will be allowed to join after.

Microsofts official page on 1 vs 100 which will answer nearly all of your beaming questions and provide you with more information on how and when you can play, what you can win and anything else about the game can be found here: xbox.com/en-CA/live/1vs100/...

According to Go! Gaming Giant - the game will feature seasonal achievements and they have a screenshot of some of the achievements and a list of the first seasons achievements - but Microsoft have yet to confirm any of this so far - but go see for yourself at: gogaminggiant.com/2009/05/1-... ... -revealed/

IGN also has this report on the game which is quite informational: uk.xboxlive.ign.com/articles/9...

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