Some new Halo Reach screen shots where posted on IGN today so lets take a look.

Here we have two spartans and what may be a new weapon but it could just be the new design of the assault rifle, battle rifle, or shotgun

Not much going on in this picture just a phantom flashing a light perhaps in search of something or someone.

The first thing I notice here is that awesome armor the elite is wearing maybe my dreams of elite recon will finally come true. Anyway I see two possibilities of what could be happening here. The spartan could be sneaking up on that elite to attack but it looks more like the spartan is working with the elite because he isn't looking directly at it.

Another picture of a phantom with search lights? There very well might be a stealth level where you have to avoid this phantom.

Since it's being driven by spartans this could be a new vehicle looks like something a construction worker would drive though.

This picture features new jackel like creatures that fights using the plasma pistol as well.

The weapon being used by the spartan here looks a lot like a new design of the spiker it may be a unoriginal new weapon though.

This is just some spartans running around showing off their armor.(Which is quite smexy.) Also the spartan with the orange,green and red armor is holding another weapon we haven't seen yet but considering the way he's holding it and the position he is in it's likely to be a new detachable turret.

Here we have a spartan holding that weapon we first saw in the first picture considering that almost all the spartans we have seen are holding this gun it's likely a new assault rifle design.

More spartans holding that gun also the first spartan has his emblem painted on his helmet.

Here we see a clear shot of that gun being fired at this point I'm convinced it's a new assault rifle.

Halo Reach is definitely on the top of my list of games for 2010, I just hope they show us some first person game play soon.

Source - xbox360.ign.com/articles/106/1...

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they said you can drive civilian cars.