Here at Xbox Resource we aim to give you one neat site where you can access lots of different resources to fulfil your Xbox 360 needs. However it is a lot of work for just a few people (mainly myself). Therefore I am asking anyone that wants to help the following...

If you would like to help bring news or content to the site (Perhaps you would like to try your hand at writing news articles, reviews, walkthroughs/guides or anything else) you can go to the following page to apply: xboxresource.com/join.php...

If perhaps you have something to contribute in terms of content, then feel free to contact me at admin@xboxresource.com

If you would like to submit news to us, just find the relevant area (if there isn't one post it anywhere with a little sidenote and I will deal with it), post the news and possibly any source links, and then wait for it to be validated - if it is then you may find it on the homepage shortly after.

Thankyou to anyone willing to help.

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