If there's one thing that RedLynx got totally right with this DLC it was that they made you want it, through a series of trailers, you actually sat there thinking oh my god I need this DLC... and whilst I am not disputing the fact that it is in-fact an amazing compliment to the game, the novelty does soon wear off a little.Overall it adds new tracks to Medium, Hard and Extreme modes which, if you are a casual Trials gamer, you might be able to fathom the medium and some hard ones, but the extreme ones, as expected, can get a bit tough. Granted they are not as hard as the standard extreme tracks but still they can have you tearing out genital hairs one by one in anger - not that thats what I do or anything.

In the trailers we saw a clip of an 8-bit style gameplay which, we all assumed would be a fun extra to the game should you wish to use it, but it was actually just one level which used this mode which I thought was a bit naff - at least a few more levels would have been better because with this type of map, it makes you over confident, you think that because you rock at the game that it should be a breeze but in fact the lack of detail works in a way that manages to catch you out a lot.

The zero-gravity level is pretty much the same, it is fun and different yet there is only one level where this type of physics is used - not mentioning the giant fans in some levels which kind of achieve the same effect for a short while.

The additional content comes in the form of extra skill games, they are pretty much just variations on the original skill games... if this is your cup of tea then this is probably fine, but I really wanted a bit more variation and new types of skill game. Don't ask me what but just something different from just making the same type of game but sticking you in a rocket powered trailer instead.

The achievements aspect of it could have been better or a bit more challenging. There's only 50G's worth of achievements which is standard for Arcade DLC, and they are pretty easy to get (whether it was intentional because of the small amount of G allowed). The way I saw it though was right, head to the specific levels, do what is required and get the achievements, then apart from self motivation, completing the rest of the hard/extreme tracks left me unrewarded... albeit to say I could brag that I had done them.

To put it in a basic form, if you're a Trials HD fan then you really should get this - it's only 400MSP and adds a lot more gameplay to the already packed game... but if you're looking for something entirely different, then this might not be your thing as it follows and expands on what Trials HD is already about.

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