A year or so has passed since the Keflings first came out on the 360 and made use of our Avatars for the first time in a game... well now you extend this game with not one but two lots of DLC available on Dec 9th.

Kingdom Pack 1

This Kingdom Pack brings a fresh perspective to the original game with brand new Kingdom layouts. The Orchard Kingdom puts some new and interesting twists on the Classic Kingdom, and Kingdom Crossroads gives a new pace to your game. Luckily, the Keflings are still just as nice in both Kingdoms.

Kingdom Pack 2

The new layouts in this Kingdom Pack are not for the faint Giant at heart. The mysterious Relic Kingdom will force you to explore every inch of the map to find your way around, and the challenging Central Kingdom is definitely meant for the more advanced player. Previous Kefling management experience is a plus.

Click here to read more and view some images on the upcoming DLC - ninjabee.com/blog/index.html...

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