If like me you're a huge Splinter Cell fan than I'm sure you already know how many times the latest game has been delayed. On the xbox live marketplace there is a trailer for all you fans out there which says that release will be Fall 2007.

The release date has now been rumoured on many sites to be June 2009.

This game is going to be taking a different turn from the other games in the series. It will involve trying to avoid getting killed by the government that once hired you yet still trying to find out why they are after you. Use any object n the environment to survive and use to your advantage while checking what's being sold on the black market.

The multiplayer experience is being brought up to the next level of stealth. Imagine walking in a big crowd in different scenario's except your enemies could be anyone and anywhere in the crowd. Observe everyone's behaviour and see who is acting differently to the others and always be on your toes in case if someone figures your a spy.

it looks like a promising game especially with the time they have taken on it, but looks like we have to wait till June to be able to play the next episode of the Splinter Cell Series.

11 years ago
Glad to see you back on the scene there smad - colonels corner isn't really the colonels corner without the colonel :lol:

Anyway, back on-topic - this will definitely be a game I will have to sample before playing. If it is good and has good co-op features then I will probably buy it.
11 years ago
surely just knowing that the colonel playing this game will be more than enough for you? lol