The Russians have decided its best to recall all version of Modern Warfare 2 in Russia because of the highly disturbing level where you mow down hundreds of civilians in an airport.

The mission entitled 'No Russia' made headlines as being very sick and twisted even though the game gives users the option to skip the mission if they choose to. The recall will give back users in Russia a censored version of the game with that specific level chopped out of the game.

If users dont send in there copy of the game though a patch is being sent out over Xbox Live, PSN and on Steam for PC users which will block the level from being playable in game.

Other countries are also looking into if this idea should be followed as well, which could mean if you like that specific mission play it more, because soon it may become banned from play.

10 years ago
What so it's okay to shoot civilians in games (inc this one) by accident but not on purpose - sure, you get penalised for it in most games where your not supposed to shoot civvies but you can still do it. Assholes
10 years ago
they're wasting time and money. i mean its not porn and the game is rated m (i think).

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