I am not going to start this review off by saying OMG its Call of Duty, it has to be a 10 out of 10 because its TeH_Awzomez.

Instead I am going to give this a fair review and highlight both of its good and bad points so if your a PC or PS3 user then probably most of it will be bad points for the moment.

So to kick off this review I will start off by talking about the story mode within the game, the story stays very true to the first modern warfare with the first opening 5 minutes of cut scene is basically an introductory for infinity ware and that the game is of course modern warfare and not a rehash of world at war.

The cut scene shows off key moments from the first game to re-jog peoples memories in case they had forgotten how epic the first games story was.

Shortly after that as ended you find out that this new game is currently set 5 years on into the future and your delved into a training mission which sees you play as an army veteran for the U.S rangers as you are training all of the new local militia.

This training scene is of course very quick and easy to complete seeing as it is the first level and an introductory to anybody who is new to the call of duty series of games. Again like the very first game though there is a mock up which is similiar to the boat seen in the first game where you have to shoot targets and get to the end in as quick a time as possible for the game to judge how hard you should play through on.

After you have been around this new mock up entitled The Pit a few times you should be able to get your time down to ultimately 26/28 seconds which will then mean the game will tell you to hammer out your first playthrough on veteran. Which left me thinking i think not somehow. But of course the choice is up to whoever is gaming at hand.

Anyway throughout the story your tossed between both the U.S rangers and a new team called Task Force 141 i belive if memory recalls right. Which is pretty much just the British S.A.S from the first game.

Most of the original voice actors return for the second game i think its good to say at this point though with Billy Murray returning to play as Captain Price later on into the story and the guy who voiced Gaz in the first game returns to play as ghost which from what i have heard if you read the new Call of Duty comics about Ghost i think you find out that he actually was Gaz from the first game who somehow survived the desert eagle shot to the back of his head.

Ultimately though in my honest opinion the games story somewhat falls flat on its face compared to the first game because the story seems far to haggard and not really concentrating on telling one story but trying to tell multiple stories which interwind but never do.

This leaves much of the story to be very boring and leave you after a transition from level to level thinking huh how did i get to being from the middle of a firefight to being in the middle of snowy Russia.

All is not lost though because towards the end of the story and mostly in act 3 the story actually does pick up and does become very interesting i dont know if its because its focuses more on the games heroes being the britissh or if the levels seemed more compelling I'm not sure. But all in all it actually becomes fun to play through.

Also id like to mention that in this game you do not also play as soap mctavish until the very end of the game because this game is set 5 years into the future you see the guy you control being taught by Soap as he was taught by Price in the first game. Somehow i managed to explain that without giving away major spoiler aswell so I'm happy :D.

The story will probably take you roughly 6/8 hours to complete as its not very long and is probably the shortest story in call of duty history and yes this does mean it is shorter then the very short world at war.

Once you have completed story mode even though there isnt any zombie mode or anything amazing like in the last game there is a slight area you can visit called the museum where you can just walk round a tiny museum of 3 different rooms admiring statues of missions you have completed along the lines of the story. Best part about the statues though is they come alive when you get up close to them as if you was in night at the museum.

Onto Spec Ops now though and even though I haven't completed it my initial impressions of it was like this is actually a breath of fresh air for you and a team mate to work through as it takes some key moments or locations from the main game and story and pits you to complete different challenges whether that be eliminate so many enemies or different waves of enemies to blowing up 30 or 40 cars while picking off enemys theres differnt challenges to suit each indivdual.

Even though some of the challenges can be quite easy some can be quite difficult as well and i would imagine they will be a bitch to complete in veteran difficulty at a later date but where there's a will there's always a way.

All in all to complete spec ops you need to get all 69 stars spread out over 5 differnt areas of spec ops with each area progressively getting harder and harder as you go on.

Spec ops will definitely help to make this game longer once you have completed the story or have gotten bored of multiplayer.

So lastly then onto the multiplayer side of things now and even though its pretty much the same as its been the last 2 years there have been a few minor changes which can be awesome to some people and make others lives hell.

So firstly the main modes have returned with some even being upgraded to the new pro modes which work slightly differently to how they used to. Say for example instead of having headquarters as a mode we now have headquarters pro which doesn't give you points for every 5 seconds you hold a headquarter for.

There are also new modes as well which mostly fall under the third person category which im not sure will catch on or not. Personally i haven't tried it nor do i have plans to.

There are now new weapons and perks for you to earn and upgrade as you progress through multiplayer as well as new killstreaks and the all new death streak system so your awarded for being crap.

There are now the added ability of having call signs as well which are basically just pictures that show up when you kill or get killed by somebody so you can go are cool iv actually killed maybe a higher ranked player then me because he as unlocked call sign pictured i dont have or something. Rather then o right i killed a dude and now im gonna kill someone else.

There is also the addition of the new accolades section which even though seems kinda pointless it acts as a medals based system very similar to what halo offers where as if you do something online say for example got the most headshots or was in prone the longest you get a medal or accolade if you will.

All in all the multiplayer experience even though it isn't dramatically different it does build upon what made the games online mode the most successful on a console ever bar to halo of course.

Overall this game is really good it may not warrant the fact that the price was hiked up because its a game Activision knew would sell well but you can see where changes have been made to try to make the game better and visually you can tell the engine as been tweaked even though it wasn't modified or made new.

This game is fun though and it definitely deserves 9/10

10 years ago
Skimmed through it as it's the middle of the night, also added the rss tags and fixed some of the typos.

Seems like a really good and thought out review, from what I've read.
10 years ago
You forgot to mention how campaign was made to single player only instead of having the option to co-op it - BIG mistake IW... one area other than nazi zombies that Treyarch actually got right!

But overall, nice review!
after completing the single player campaign i could see why they made it single only. as it carries on the story from the first game meaning having 2 players running around the screen may take the effect away that they was trying to deliver
10 years ago
But who cares what they are trying to deliver... I mean, really. The whole idea of a game is to have fun and enjoy it - or else why would you play it? And to me (and countless other people) - co-op IS the best way to have fun.
i agree co op is the best way but i also understand now why the game was just made for single player experiance IW tried to build on the epic storyline and in my eyes that failed with that with a story line that was more jumbled up then the back of a car boot will with crap
10 years ago
Precisely, Modern Warfare worked because the single player story was amazing, where it would have been amazing to have co-op in MW, I can see why it didn't... whereas this time, they took out co-op and shoved in a mediocre co-op mode to make up for it - nothing on the scale of what Nazi Zombies was, so it seems to me they were more focused on getting this game out ready for christmas rather than stop and come up with a good co-op game type that would make up for loss of campaign co-op...

And then they have the cheek to charge so much for it... don't get me wrong spec ops is good but it doesn't feel any different from playing single player except you have a mate helping you... Nazi zombies was a totally different experience and actually provided another way to play Call of Duty for those maybe bored of the campaign or multiplayer. If Infinity Ward are as good as they make out to be then they could have come up with something of equal standard or even better than the impact that Nazi Zombies had. Just Saying.
Infinity Ward are good but because of this they know they are good also. Which in my opinion as made them very lazy, and that means they can now expect to produce any old crap and they know the public will buy it especially seeing as its call of duty.

Put it thsi way they could make a game say called Call Of Duty: War Of Teletubbie Land and people would still buy it and say its the most awsome game ever because 1)Infinity Ward made it and 2)It as call of duty written before hand.

Infinity ward have gone abit to big headed and they had the cheek to then say treyarch will never be as good as them and that they will always be behind the heels of infinity ward.
10 years ago
They did do so much for call of duty to be fair to them like coming up for the engine for cod 4 which treyarch didnt change watsoever yes zombies was awesome but they r behind infinityward and i cant take that away from them to boast about.

And if they included coop they may have to sacrifice the feel of the gameplay so then everyone wud jus then moan sayin they didnt give two shits but the single player and the cinematics are brilliant. Some games coop will work but some it doesnt like the coop on cod waw for me that was bollox where as resi 5 was quality. I enjoy playin mw2 so i aint gona knock it