Tekken has always been sat at the top of the beat-em-up genre ever since the first was released back in 1994 for the Playstation and arcades. It's limb based combat system was a favourite amongst arcade gamers and worked perfectly with arcade sticks.

Some of the characters are well known even outside of the franchise, with characters such as Heihachi and Yoshimitsu appearing in various Soul Calibur games and Nina Williams even starring in her own spin off game.

However, this being the first time Tekken has ever been released on the Xbox 360, you can guess that it was going to make a lot of old school Tekken fans who have maybe defected from the Playstation very happy. Not only that but this time around, online play makes an appearance meaning you can challenge anyone around the world to a fight. And with 40 characters available from the start (much to some peoples disappointment at not being able to unlock them), your bound to find someone who suits you down to a T.

But let's look at the offline modes first... your standard Arcade, Vs, Survival, Time Attack, Team Battle and Practice modes are there. They are pretty much untouched except for the arcade mode which has a bonus boss in the form of Nancy - a ridiculously large mech robot who is an absolute pain to beat (hence there being an achievement for doing so), you'll be glad to know you don't need to beat it to progress though, there's also another big boss named Azazel who is a little easier to defeat.

The story mode is where the game might shine for some, it's transition between free roaming (to an extent where you can only free roam around the level your in) and combat can be a little tricky to master but after some playing it comes naturally. Currently the story mode is only one player but Namco have said a future patch will open it up to two player co-op. You can earn a lot of Gold from playing through this mode and gold is essential for the next part.

You can customize every character with some neat, or silly, clothing - you can then use that character everywhere throughout the game both on and offline. Most items require purchasing but if you play through the storyline with each character you can unlock quite a few of the items for free, and unlocking them also makes them have a power such as the ability to raise your attack/defence or have the chance to freeze or burn enemies in the story mode.

Online mode next, you have your Ranked and Player matches as standard, it's your character versus another players character, best out of three. Sometimes the game can be a little laggy but Namco have said they are going to address this issue with better netcode once the update has had enough testing. Other than that it runs quite well most times. Another neat feature is the ghosts - allowing you to download another players ghost or them to download yours. A ghost is basically a snapshot of your fighting style for a certain character meaning it is as if you were actually fighting them even though they may not be online. This is great for practicing against people who might be better than you and for you to learn their style.

Overall if your a Tekken fan then you will probably already own this game, if not then try and rent it or play it at a friends first to make sure you enjoy beat-em-ups. Personally I think it is better than the likes of Dead or Alive (which is way too hard at some points) or Soul Calibur (because of the crappy weapons meaning any wuss can become hard when you give him a big sword).

I'd like to give it a 10 out of 10 but some of the things I mentioned earlier point towards a 9/10 with the possibility of becoming a 9.5 when some of the patches are released.

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