Being one of the lucky ones to have downloaded the new map pack before a) it even hit the marketplace and b) before XBOX started having billing issues. I have had a chance to play the new Nazi Zombie Asylum map entitled Verruckt. I must admit it is a huge improvement on the already popular Nacht Der Untoten map.

The game is set in an environment similar to that of the Asylum map on Multiplayer, however things are a lot more sinister and illuminated - scenery such as dentist chairs and morgues give the illusion that the people contained there were mental and were tortured. The map is huge and will definitely take a lot of getting used to before your can remember everywhere. You start the game at one of two spawn points, if you are in a group of four you get split up into teams of two and must work towards meeting each other.

The same concepts as before apply, shoot any zombies that pose a thread and board up any windows they may have tore down. However as you progress through the game more locations can be unlocked boasting bigger and better weapons and not to mention new ones such as the infamous Bouncing Betty. Once you make it to the power room and switch on the electricity - you then can access one of many Perks-a-Cola machines allowing you to have a perk such as Juggernaut, Double Tap, or Quick Revival. Be warned that turning on the power also unlocks rooms that were locked and couldn't be opened before.

You can also activate the electroshock defences that makes certain entrances fill with electricity that kills ANYTHING that goes through it (including you). There are also some more subtle changes that make it feel better than before, for example how your characters actually talk - when you get a head shot they may say I Ain't Cleaning That Up or something. The zombies actually sound crazed and scream at you, they also try to march as well which is also very comical. There are different skins for the zombies too which doesn't make it feel like your killing the same things over and over.

The zombies are also much quicker and brutal. Before there was a slight delay before they took a swing at you, but this time they can hit you before you have chance to move, they can also reach through the barriers to swipe at you and also jump over things like low walls quickly to continue their attack. All in all it will definitely add more challenges to the game and is a real pleasure to play.

The map pack itself costs 800MS and comes with 3 other multiplayer maps, but this mode alone is worth the money because of the gameplay it boasts - the only downside it has is the lack of achievements which DLC usually has with it - but then again it is Call of Duty were talking about and they aren't exactly renown for adding achievements to DLC. Aside from that though it is a definite must buy for any CoD fan and especially those who enjoy Nazi Zombies.

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