Today little details were found out about the Sky Player coming to 360 very soon.

The details which were found out were the channel listings and a few pricing listings for different things.

The channels that will be dropping with the sky player update will be:
Sky Real Lives
Sky Arts 1
Sky Movies 1 & 2
Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and Xtra
Sky Sports News
British Eurosport
ESPN Classic
Sky News
National Geographic
National Geographic Wild
Cartoon Network
Disney Channel

Sky 1 was not listed within this main part but as been found listed under televison on demand so this can only mean that shows from this channel or this channel will have to be paid for which probably wont make many people very happy.

Other channels to fall under the channel on demand service so far have been found out to be baby tv and the biography channel.

The pricing for all of this package up until now as been classed as free for current Sky subscibers but its been found out today that its only free if your a current multiroom or broadband Sky subscriber with Microsoft and Sky currently shafting customers by getting them to fork out an additional 10 a month for using the service.

If your are currently not a Sky subscriber though then the package all in all for the basic channels will cost you 15 a month.

All in all its a better deal now to just get a standard sky installation with multiroom as this is going to be far better then what Microsoft promised back at the announcement.

Chalk another interesting thing off the list for me with the next coming update seeing as im not interested either in Last.fm, Twitter or Facebook.

10 years ago
Looks like Lukes not impressed yet again, sky was one of the things I was looking forward to least anyway, I hardly watch tv and what I do watch I can watch online anyway... Besides Luke your internet connection is crap anyway aint it so probably wouldn't have been much good for you.

And beside, the pricing and available channels that are free probably has nothing to do with MS supposedly shafting us, that will be Sky's fault lol.
out of all the update which i have to say in my opinion is the biggest load of balls ever i was looking forward to sky most and not for when i was at home but for when i was at zoes i cud watch tv on my xbox while she was out nstuff, but with not having a multiroom subscription to sky im not paying microsoft an extra tenner a month to watch summat on my xbox when i cud pay sky the tenner and get an extra box and splitter for multiroom with all the channels and not a select few.

The channels would be up to both sky and microsoft aswell with microsoft probly allocating sky so many slots, if all channels were avalible u cud imagine the streaming connection for xbox live would go crap in the uk.