Publisher: Graphic DNA
Developer: Graphic DNA
Players: 1
Genre: Racing
Launch Date: Februaury 1st 2019
Price:  $0.99 or £0.79

I’m just going to tell you right now, I’m not gonna totally bad mouth a game that costs less than 1 pound. What is the real point? The fact is that World Enduro Rally does what it says on the tin. You can tell it was a mobile game in origin, but can it really convert to consoles with a degree of success, bearing in mind that Ubi’s Trials Fusion is available nowadays for mere peanuts?

Gameplay 2/10

The short answer is no. World Enduro Rally is really not going to set the ground alight. It looks like something that was made on Net Yaroze (the old PSX dev kit for the public) and as much as it tries to emulate the Trials series, it never really seems to get it right. It feels far too basic to be of any worth. The controls do the basic things, but it never really feels as intricate as you think it should. I treated it as a bit of a laugh and just couldn’t find it that funny. You wish it had more of a rigid structure. The fact that there isn’t a great degree of difficulty doesn’t help either.
The other big issue for me is the fact that after your 8 stages, with three parts to each, that is it. The levels feel like they are lacking in challenge and a bit on the side of feeling like nothing different happens. If things had been tightened and a bit of variety added, this could have been something. Not to mention that there is no editor available and the leaderboards are broken badly, so the main selling point is a but pointless. People finishing levels in a sub 0 second time can’t be right, can it?

Strange styling choices by mixing real world photos with hand drawn imagary

Graphics - 4/10

I know there is a basic feel to World Enduro Rally, but there are some little moments where it actually is nice to look at. It will never win any awards for art, but it can be colourful and as much as they may look out of place, there are some things in the aesthetics that almost look like they’ve been scanned in for the sake of it, and I love that. I do have to say though that everything else is incredibly basic. The graphics for all other areas are sparse and don’t really grab you and the main biker and his ride look like those toys you used to get in the 80’s that you wound up and ran on the floor, they are that rigid.

Sound - 5/10

I have to say that as much as I stick this in average, it has a nice little rock based main title piece that gets in your head, as well as a really funny speech sample or two to keep you amused. The motorbike noises are good, but they are over used and oversampled, so you’re never gonna feel like it is right in the first place. Again though, it is 79p, so how can it be a major complaint? It is functional, but on a basic level.

Nothing like spending a lazy sunday rolling up a giant tree stump for a mega jump

Difficulty - 1/10

Oh my lord, this game really isn’t difficult. I had the whole thing finished in less than two hours, and if you are a bit more gifted than I am you could do it in even less. There’s just no hard level at all, unless you’re trying to get onto leaderboards. You won’t want to though, as there is such little challenge that you will begin to realise that most people have already laid claim to the top spots and you won’t really want to be bothered, in all honesty.

Achievements – 8/10

You can blitz a whole load of these in one playthrough. Do a backflip, achievement unlocked. Finish a stage in each level perfectly, you’ll got some gamerscore for each and every one. You won’t get every achievement, but it is certainly worth a whack if you’re specifically looking for games to get that total up without any major issues.

The health and safety complaints at the bridge were starting to get out of hand.


World Enduro Rally was never going to get a massive score and I think it knows that, but you know something? ITS 79P!!!! Does it really matter that something the price of a chocolate bar can give you an hour of your time and a load of achievement score? It all goes into context, but it still isn’t a fair statement to give it a huge review score.
This game is nothing special and I don’t think it was either when it was a mobile game. You sometimes get games that even though they aren’t great, they still have a little place to be in your heart, just because it tries so hard to do something right. Bless it, it tries, but it does fail in many ways. The graphics are basic and old, sounds aren’t that spectacular and the gameplay is missing a lot of finesse. Trials Fusion is a lot better and the price is very good on it just now, but it isn’t as financially savvy as this one is.
As a main game, I’d say avoid it and save your cash, but there’s not a lot of cash involved. I’d say this is the perfect game for any parents looking to keep their kid busy on a budget one rainy afternoon when money is tight and you don’t want to leave the house. Yeah, that’s it.

Final Score 3/10

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