Publisher: Robot Riot UG
Developer: Robot Riot UG
Players: 1
Genre: Platformer
Launch Date: November 20th 2018
Price:  $19.99 or £16.74

GODS was always a game back in the days of the Amiga that I LOVED. It was another Bitmap Brothers classic and the graphical style was unmistakable. It had a clunky control system all of its own, but considering this was back in the early 90’s, you could go with it. The soundtrack was great and the intro tune was a classic. Hearing “Into the Wonderful” blaring into your 16 inch portable in the back room as you’re waiting for the game to load. It does bring back memories.

I did get pretty excited when I saw that Robot Riot had done a remastered version of this, for two reasons. Firstly, I do like to see a major game from yesteryear getting an overhaul and coming back for not only the original generation, but to also show a new bunch what the fuss was about, but also that all remasters usually come with the original built in, much like the beautiful Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap that came out earlier in the year.
Then, sadly, the disappointment took over...

Gameplay 4/10

The modern-day version just doesn’t cut the mustard in any way at all. Even though the graphics are lovely to look at, they just don’t befit the way the game plays. The main character looks like he is constipated and it just feels unresponsive and lacklustre. I put this slightly down to the way the old game has converted across, but the niggling thing is that when you hit the right anaolgue stick to change back to the old school version, it works like a charm and it just feels naturally right. I would rather have had the original version sitting on its own for half the price and then that would be so much easier to decide upon what to do, but the great graphics on a dated system, without any way of change to make it better on the new edition, makes it very hard to justify.

The game did get a neat little graphical overhaul

Graphics - 7/10

No complaints from me here. The new graphics look pretty snazzy and I do like what they’ve done, for the most part anyway. I think it must be because the rose-tinted glasses are on, but I prefer the old school graphics, just because I’m used to them. If you’re like me then you’ll feel like the Amiga pixels haven’t aged badly at all and it still looks fresh, which when you consider it is over 20 years old, is awesome. I think the other thing that helps is the fact that pixelated games are beginning to make a BIG comeback, so it helps massively.

The biggest shame is that the newer graphics look nice, but on a game that plays as badly, it doesn’t help. It’s one of those situations where you just wish they could have kept the original as an unlockable and refined the rest of it to match what you have visually in front of you.

Sound - 5/10

I’m torn here. The music in-game on the remaster is pretty good and atmospheric, but the redone sound effects are dire. There’s just no attitude to anything you hear compared to what you got with the 16-bit version. For example, when you die (and you WILL die) in the original, it’s a proper scream of anguish, compared to your totally buff vector-based warrior sounding like he’s stubbed his toe.

My MAIN gripe, purely from an old fart like myself, is the remake of the theme tune. I HATE it, and what makes it even worse is that if you Google GODS Remix, you’ll find better versions that would not be out of place in a new version, compared to the tripe at the start. I’m very defensive when it comes to more retro fare, so tough.

Fight fire with fire

Difficulty - 7/10

This is a proper granite job, this one. First level is easy enough, but GODS was always known for needing almost pinpoint accuracy, so only have a go with it if you feel confident enough you can take the challenge on. It isn’t Dead Souls, don’t get me wrong, but there is a fair bit of hard contained within. The other fact is that there are a lot of levels too, so you’re not really going to be left without much to do. Enemies, switches, secret areas, jumping and much more. It does pack a lot in, so there aren’t many complaints from me.

Achievements - 5/10

You’ll be getting them as you head through the game, but with that high difficulty level, it isn’t exactly giving you a chance of any of them being forthcoming. They are very uninspiring, although you can get a nice easy one by clicking the right stick straight away, in case those 10 points are burning a hole in your pocket. You can try and beat the game in less than an hour, of which I leave you the best of luck, as well as getting 90 points for beating it three times in a row. If you can do either of these you have my utmost respect and I may have to doff my imaginary helmet to you. I don’t do Greek hats...

So much shine and glosss, it burns like the sun


Oh, this one has got me torn, I can’t lie. I genuinely think if this had been made available as the original game on its own at a smaller price, I’d have probably bitten your hand off, but it could have also been because I’m going through a nostalgia vibe. Again, if there had been a bit of an overhaul in the way things play out on the remastered version, I’d have awarded this a higher score, but it is just not right.
The bottom line is that this should only be bought when it gets to that period where the sales bring it to under a fiver and then it would be a properly fun little jaunt into the old world of one of the best developers and publishers from the days of the Commodore Amiga. For the price it is now, you could probably pick up a decent little backwards compatible game or spend a few extra pounds and get the incredible Dead Cells, but this just does not cut it anymore.

Final Score 5/10

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