Vermintide 2's Back to Ubersreik DLC lands on December 10th in all its remastered and amplified glory, complete with its foreboding gothic architecture, narrow murky streets  and crumbling ancient monuments, all set under a chilling night sky. It’s time to return where it all began and ended.
Here is a list of the new features:
- Redid all the lighting, fog, post effects and made sure we used all the features of our Vermintide 2 engine rendering improvements. Quite a lot has happened here.
- Went over and tweaked assets that aren’t up to scratch, upping the resolution and fixing errors. Often replaced some parts of our outdated looking scenes with our more recent assets that fit the same theme.
- Redecorated many level areas and rebuilt backdrops to have a higher graphical fidelity and look better.
- Went through the level and switched out outdated visual effects, and in some cases remade them to be up to our higher standards.
- Switched out the skyboxes to use our new and improved Vermintide 2 ones.
- Updated and redesigned the pacing of end events to feature all the pactsworn, also using some of the new design experience we learnt since Vermintide 1 to make them more fun.
- Many systems have been changed and updated, like our occlusion and collisions, so we needed to locate and fix all the bugs that appear in the levels from these system updates.
- Went over difficulty in spawning, pickup amounts etc. and made sure it matched the difficulty level of other VT2 levels. A lot of the enemies from VT1 have been retweaked and have different roles in the game now, so we need to consider that.
- A balancing pass for all the new Vermintide 2 features, like patrols, pickups and dark pact bosses, so they don’t make the level too easy or hard.
- Find and fix bugs and exploits caused by the new career player abilities, like the Slayer’s leap and Handmaiden dash.
 Came up with and implement Okri’s Challenges for the levels.
- New secrets and mysteries!
- Wrote new challenges
- Added a new narrative angle with brand new briefings and narrator VO for the levels.
- Dug up all the old voice-over recordings, music and subtitles from our archives and re-implemented them into the game.
- Recorded new VO for the briefings and our added content to fit with the new Back to Ubersreik storyline.
- Went over the sound design in the levels and made sure it was up to our higher standards of Vermintide 2.
Menu work:
- Make new map selection screens, level icons
- Draw new loading screens to fit with the new Vermintide 2 style

Vermintide 2's Back to Ubersreik DLC lands on December 10th.

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