There’s a brand-new game mode on the horizon that brings an all-new perspective and degree of strategy to the game. We also have new tanks from one of the finest artists in the comic book industry along with a mighty French Hero tank! Fans of real-time strategy games will love Commander Mode, the latest evolution of World of Tanks’ classic tank combat experience and exclusive on Consoles.
Players can take command of nine tanks with a strategic, birds-eye view of the battlefield as the Commander. Give single tanks direct orders to flank and outwit your enemies or send groups into the fray en masse for a heavy-handed cavalry attack! You can also assume the role of the Tanker and, alongside a team of five other players, work together to bring down the powerful Commander.
Wargaming West has been working on Commander Mode directly with the help and constructive input of our community, refining the experience to make it as exciting, intuitive, and fun to play as possible. Fight with unlimited ammunition and forget about the deeper intricacies of typical tank combat. Put on your strategy hat and fight from a new perspective in Commander Mode from November 30 through December 9!

Elsewhere in the World of Tanks, we recently welcomed a bombastic new trio of Mercenaries to the game. The Outcasts are a band of dangerous soldiers created in partnership with Parisian art collective ARTtitude by Brett Parson, the legendary comic book artist best known for his stellar work on Tank Girl and New Romancer. With a breadth of experience in crafting weird and wonderful worlds and bringing colorful and crazy characters to life, we couldn't think of a better person to help us expand the universe of World of Tanks: Mercenaries than Brett! Available together in the Outcasts Mega collection or individually until December 11.

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