Let's be fair. Wolfenstein had a lot to live up to considering it was the first game in the wolfenstien franchise for a long time and not only that but its now competing with such games as Call of Duty and Battlefield, with Activision milking all there franchises for all there worth then yeah this game did certainly have a lot to live up to...

So you start the game as the character Blow Job Blacowichz or B.J for short =] and the game starts with a highly detailed CGI movie which is set aboard a ship and you find out you have managed to get on board it and by the end of the video you are making your escape by plane after blowing the ship up.

The games levels start off with you doing a train station mission which sort of opens you up to all the new things this game has to offer like body physics that raise up in the air with the Nazi's firing at you wildly as there wondering why they are floating around.

Also another new feature to the game is that you now have the ability to carry around a little medallion thing which is called a vile which as special powers which lets you slow down time and access certain secret passages whilst also being able to specially upgrade weapons for a certain amount of time whilst being able to do other little things as well

Another new feature is that between each mission you have the option to stroll across the game world mowing down nazis if you please or you could run straight to your objective and start a new mission with the choice being completeley up to you.

The graphics on the game are actually quite visually pretty with lots of detail going into different areas of the game, this is just let down by sloppy story telling sequences with bad visuals.

The game is pretty long in first person shooter terms nowadays as well, if you take your time the game could take you between 10/14 hours to complete but if you shoot down everything in sight and get everythin done quickly like myself then it should take between 6/8 hours which isnt to bad compared to the 4 hours and less of Call of Duty: World at War.

Mentioning Call of Duty though the game acts and feels very similar which made me wonder if the game was running on the Call of Duty engine which I later dismissed after different elements of gameplay were far better then of CoD where as each weapon has different kick backs once shot i.e the kar98k can be a bitch once shot because it kicks back hard meaning you have to line up your shot again after.

Either way there is to much for me to mention in this review about the game because lots of different and new things have been added to make the game great and you would have to play it for yourself to get your own personal judgement over on the game.

Only advice I can really give is if your an achievement junkie then don't get this game as by the end of one playthough you may be lucky to just have around 100g worth of points with many of them focusing heavily on multiplayer aspects.

Either way this game deserves 8/10 could be better but could be far worse.

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