After nearly two years of development for 4 platforms by 1 guy, Degica Games is excited to announce the manic, PVP, battle-shmup, Rival Megagun, will be out on November 29th for PS4, Steam, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!
Rival Megagun is a competitive split-screen vertical shoot ‘em up where you transform into a gigantic boss ship - your "Mega Gunship" - to invade your opponent's screen.
Classic shoot ‘em up action with a competitive twist
Multiple playable heroes, each with their own special weapons and Mega Gunship boss form
Intense 2-player "couch-competitive" local versus battles
Online battles - challenge your friends or find opponents via matchmaking
Unlockable gear and weapons for customizing your ship.
You can watch the trailer right here:

Rival Megagun comes out on November 29[sup]th[/sup]

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