With only a few short weeks left now until what will no doubt be one of the biggest contenders for Game of the Year 2018 releases. Red Dead Redemption II has had a few more details revealed about not only the file size it will take on your consoles hard drive once installed, but also just the sheer amount of man hours that has gone into this title and the amount of voice over that has been recorded. So with that said let us get down to revealing the newest details.

With the sheer size of the world of Red Dead Redemption and the amount of things you will be able to get up to within said world, only a guy who is really bad at placing bets would believe that the game would have a small install size. And well yes he would lose his money, Red Dead Redemption II is launching with an install size of 88.5gb this is before any patches the game will evidently get as well as future updates including Red Dead Online which will no doubt possible add a further 20gb if not more.

One of the things making up that install size apart from all of the pretty graphics and animation the title has, is the audio. Each NPC has apparently had 80 pages of script to record dialogue for and when you put all of the other characters into the game, the title is estimated to have over 500,000 lines of audio record just for this game which is insane. On top of this 300,000 animations have apparently been recorded to help bring the world even more to life and Rockstar Co-Founder Sam Houser went as far as describing the game and the world you will live in as "a vast four-dimensional mosaic in which the fourth dimension is time, in which the world unfolds around you, dependent on what you do"

Lastly leading up to launch and trying to make sure they hit the scheduled date when the game is supposed to go gold status, Sam Houser mentioned that him and many of his team working on the title have been putting in 100 hour weeks many times during 2018 just to make sure the game hits target and is indeed one of the best titles ever made.

Well judging from what we have seen I think it is fair to say that Rockstar will indeed have another massive hit on their hands with Red Dead Redemption II. and I can only wait to see what these masterminds cook up next.

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