SEGA today have gone on record to reveal some stats about their old mascot Sonic The Hedgehog. The little blue speed freak has managed to sell 800 Million copies of his games across all systems since his inception way back in 1991.

They are some impressive numbers when you think that he has had usually had a title release annually, sometimes to much critical acclaim and sometimes to well...lets not go there but Sonic 2007 I am looking at you.

SEGA not only revealed details about how Sonic has done across all of his titles, but they also delved a little deeper into some of their other IPs and revealed that the Total War series, a series that has only ever been released for PC and Mac has sold in upwards of 22 Million Units which is another good statistic, and finally Puyo Puyo has sold 27 Million Units.

I am sure Puyo Puyo Tetris probably helped shift many copies with how that blended two franchises together, however where SEGA now goes from here is anyone's guess. Despite the new Streets of Rage title and no doubt another new Sonic game coming soon. Sega haven't revealed too much yet about what the future holds for them.


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