Today The Walking Dead: The Final Season saw the game get delisted from many different online marketplaces including the Xbox Store. This comes in light of the fact that Telltale games last week let many staff members go due to having real financial troubles that they just couldn't get themselves out of. 

Telltale currently insist that this is only a temporary measure as of yet though, and promise that more information will be revealed via their twitter page once they have it. This comes just days after Telltale were told that if they wanted to finish The Walking Dead Final Season, they could potentially do so with the help of many stand ins coming in to help finish off the coding of the title and get it pushed out to bring a real end to Clementines story arc. 

If Telltale were to do this however, it would show some disrespect to the staff that they let go without any warning or severance pay, and with this would probably only hamper any legal battles disgruntled employees would have against the company for breaking state laws. At the time of writing the only version of the title still available to purchase is on the Windows 10 marketplace. But we will expect that to vanish within the next day also.

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