Out of The Box arrives today on the Microsoft Store of Xbox One at a price of 14.99€/$.
Out of The Box is a cartoonish, time-management thriller that tells the story of Warren Baker, an exconvict that just wants to live an honest life after his time in prison. However, his new job as the bouncer of The Box will drive him closer to his turbulent past, involving him in a gangster scheme that threatens to destroy everything he loves.
This humorous and politically incorrect night-thug simulator convinced PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch players with its quirky premise, dark humor and branching story, connecting with well-known influencers like Gona89, Alexby and Mangel, which appear as guest characters in the game.
After releasing Randals Monday in 2014, two of their developers decided to create their own studio, Nuclear Tales. Inspired by modern time-management video games and gangster movies of the 90s, they went on to design a game with a high contrast between its visual design (cartoonish, lively) and narrative (dark, serious), creating Out of The Box.
Check out the trailer right here:

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