If you were born sometime in the nineties, when Sony were hitting hard with the Playstation 1, you may remember a game that would go head to head with Codemasters Colin McRae series at the time. That series, which some believe was the better series was V-Rally. Three titles came out within the same generation cycle and then bam nothing. The series seemed to just die or go on a very long hiatus at least. Because now Big Ben interactive has finally released V-Rally 4 onto the digital Xbox marketplace.

To celebrate the occasion a launch trailer was released which you can view at the end of this article. The trailer highlights many of the different vehicles and disciplines you will be able to compete with as well as offering unique ways to play the game dependent on car or track choice. If you feel like you would however prefer a physical version of this title, then you can pick one up from September 7th. By doing so you will get to drive around all different places across the globe seeing new sights, or you could stick with the Dirt series if you are still following that crowd since the early days of this feud.


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