Sony still keep getting on their soapbox saying that Playstation 'is the best place to play', Which I guess they need a new mantra seeing as The World's Most Powerful console gimmick got taken by Microsoft upon the release of the Xbox One X.

However Microsoft's very own Mike Ybarra has fired back to Sony via a tweet saying 'Sony still isn't listening to gamers.' regarding allowing cross platform play on many of the big titles currently offering gamers the chance to play their favorite titles on their chosen platform. Be it PC, Xbox, Switch or even mobile. Ybarra went onto say that Sony should allow gamers 'the right input flexibility and gamer options;'. Ybarra did not stop there however and went on to add the following 'We run Windows and Console' after Sony said that they have the biggest platform share of gamers on any device. which was followed by "Larger gaming audience who wants to play together. Gaming is diverse, if you only serve to bring joy to part of an audience then you are behind in many, many ways."

Shots seemingly have been fired by Microsoft yet again towards Sony regarding their dismissive behavior regarding Cross Play. Currently they are the only major platform to not allow this, and have always expressed a high disinterest in allowing their user base to play with others. Citing reasons such as security as being a major step back. We will have to see if Sony rethink their strategy regarding letting people play cross play on Playstation or not. My money is on the latter seeing as they maybe don't want to have more nightmares about their devastating hacks only a few short years ago.

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