We have had the latest DLC for Left 4 Dead - Crash Course - for a while now and it is proving to have had mixed reactions about numerous aspects of it, so lets waste no time in actually reviewing the content first before we look into why it has rocked the boats of some loyal gamers.

First of all you will notice that this campaign is shorter than the four that come originally with the game, in fact it only has 2 of the usual 5 chapters - an alley and a finale. Whilst it is a short campaign there are some good factors about it.

First of all the alleys are extremely narrow meaning it is great for survivors to stick together in case they need to work extra specially as a team, but whilst this is an advantage it also has it's downsides, to a Boomer these streets are lucious - you can quite easily barf on all of the survivors with ease, the Smokers and Hunters also has high rooftops to snipe the survivors with their tongues or pounce them and there are plenty of obstacles for the Tank to throw in the way of the Survivors.

The level really is fit for both parties but it is knowing the places where you are likely to get ambushed or, if you are the infected, it's knowing where to ambush your opponents. The finale is pretty well put together but seems shorter seeing as you are never really a few paces away from the escape vehicle, there are less items to hold your own with and not as many places to hide.

Overall on average and on easy the campaign can be completed in about 20-30 minutes, but this is mainly because of the whole Versus scenario - basically on other maps which took around 1 hour to complete on campaign, on versus you effectively had to play through each map twice, once as survivors and once as infected - so it took a long time to commit to the game - with Crash Course it's relatively shorter so people don't mind playing it as much.

The question on everyones lips is whether Crash Course is worth the 560MSP price tag as opposed to it being free to Steam users. Considering that Valve originally wanted to make it free to Xbox users but were forced to attach a price tag to it.

Personally, I love the new Crash Course map and I can understand why there was a fee for it, even if it was a bit hefty for a two level campaign - take other games developers for example, if valve release their content for free then other gamers might think they are being ripped off and treated unfairly and it puts pressure on other devs - also Microsoft are providing the means to distribute this content to the consumer therefore it is only right that a portion of the money pays for this. It has nothing to do with MS being money grabbers.

Valve only release DLC for the PC users for free because it is their service and it is easier to do. I wouldn't blame either party too heavily as there are reasons, some of which we might not know or fully understand but I am positive that if it was viable, it would have been free.

Overall if your a L4D fan you might not hesitate to buy it because lets face it, your going to miss out if you don't, but otherwise you might as well save your money and wait for Left 4 Dead 2.

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