Today Bethesday have come out to reveal that when Fallout 76's beta drops this October, any and all progress that you make within this purely online title will move across into your main game. Whilst beta details are rather scarce at the moment, we have been alerted to the fact that when it releases on Xbox, it will actually be the full game that you will be able to roam around on with no hidden walls or blocked passages as you await the full version. How they plan to cap the experience is yet to be revealed, but maybe we will all be allocated a certain amount of time within the wasteland before our data is sent off and looked over. 

Bethesday also had the following to say too "What's more, the B.E.T.A will lack an NDA, meaning players are free to talk openly about everything in it. In addition, players are able to make videos, take screenshots and stream their experiences" All of this to us, jsut says that Bethesday apparently seem to be fully focused and belive in their product. Whilst most developers and publishers these days will try to shush the public or embargo reviews until release date. This sounds like a positive step forward.

So who is excited to jump into the wasteland a few weeks ahead of the full games launch, let us know in the comments

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