Microsoft today have announced that three more titles have been added to the backwards compatibility program on the Xbox One, and this latest batch of titles includes some impressive names. 

Firstly we have got Ubisoft's title Prince of Persia which put a whole new spin on the series back in 2008, by allowing you to play essentially anyway you want to play. Allowing free movement across terrain, a whole new art style and new gameplay mechanics, this was a title that we had never seen before in the way of previous Prince of Persia's. 

Next up we have the beloved cult classic and latest offering in the EDF series Earth Defense Force 2025. Allowing you to take on literally thousands of onscreen enemies at a time and slaughtering them as you move from checkpoint to checkpoint with some insanely over the top weaponary, this is a title that is bound to please some. 

Last but by all no means least we have got Sine Mora, the bullet hell shooter for a modern man, which was developed by Grasshopper Manufacter. This game will have you tearing your hair out but screaming for just one more try due to its difficulty but ability to pull you in to keep trying to better yourself.

All three games are avalible to download now or install and the prices if you have never picked them up can be found below:

Earth Defense Force - $49.99
Prince of Persia - $19.99
Sine Mora - $9.99


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