Publisher:   Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Big Bad Wolf
Genre: Adventure, Point and Click
Launch Date: May 17, 2018
Price: $6.99 for the episode or $29.99 for the complete season

The Council has been sending us on a roller coaster of mysteries, decisions, and making and breaking relationships ever since Louis step foot on the island owned by Mortimer.  So the question is will the middle episode be one of filler as we have come accustomed to in most episodic adventures?  Or will we dive more into the mysteries and finally get some answers?  Let’s dive in.


Story and Gameplay 8/10
The third episode takes place where the second one ended.  In my case, that was with Louis’s mother pointing a gun at him.  After calming her down a bit out of the frenzy she is in she tells you what Mortimer's plans really are and tells you to stall him at any cost.  Thus leading you into the meeting with everyone in the mansion as you are forced to debate between all of you what is to be done with Louisana, aka the Louisana purchase.  Now that may sound boring and all but this is by far my favorite episode so far in the series.  Once again there are three quests in this episode, although the second quest is far shorter than anything else in the game, and each one of them do end up answering some of the mysteries in the game as well as giving you new mysteries and questions to think about.  I don't want to give too much away here as there are some massive spoilers for the first two episodes.

Now I want to talk about the puzzle at the end of this episode, it is by far the most in-depth thing I have ever seen in a narrative adventure game.  That's a good thing, it took me a good 30 minutes to figure this wheel turning puzzle, both in my head wheels, and the wheels of the actual puzzle.  I can say that the developers should look into a puzzle game when they move on from this between the final puzzle in episode 2 and this one at the end of episode 3 it's obvious they know how to bend the mind and get you thinking.  Anyway, it's a deep process and I had an entire page of notes and symbols written down by the time I had figured it out and boy is it rewarding as you find out what happens if you get it wrong before you even attempt to give it a go.  Let's just say clapping will be much harder for Louis if you fail.

While once again the gameplay is exactly the same as the first, and I don't think it needs to be changed, you go around interacting with different people, collecting multiple different items, and solving disputes and using clues to complete your quests.  While you can useless coins (please, please, please be useful in a later episode!) there are some very useful collectibles you can grab.  There are books that help boost certain skills and consumables that have one of 4 effects which are:  The next skill you use has no energy, see whoever you are talking to immunity’s and exploits, an item to get rid of all negative effects, and an item that gives you back two energy.  Speaking of energy you can collect amber and 4 pieces of amber get you another energy box you can have.  There isn’t much change here, which as stated before it doesn't need it.

Now it may have just been my experience but the game had a few notable glitches thus the score here down a little and honestly, it would have been further if not for the way that they continue to weave this story making you question everything you thought you knew at every turn.  The story is so fing good I could have been playing this in potato mode and still would have given it a 7/10.  Keep up the works guys.

The final puzzle.  The art is breathtaking despite the deathtrap

Graphics 5/10
As stated early I did happen to come across a glitch or two and it almost ruined the experience for me as I saw a dead character who is not dead but the game just had his lifeless body on the floor with blood next to him.  Now if this happens in a future episode and the code just got transferred over from that it's really a spoiler of what is to come.  There was little to no change in graphics here once again they aren’t bad but they aren’t amazing.  It’s a very stylistic approach and it my option it pays off.  I really felt like I was in a comic book and the drawings were coming alive around me.  

Do you trust this man or your mother? 

Sound 6/10
Improvement, improvement, improvement.  Every single time I talk about this section of their games I always applaud them for giving their characters more emotion, more personality, and more importantly I no longer feel like I'm talking to statues.  Characters feel and look real, they show emotion in a multitude of ways including facial features, hand gestures, and tone amount others.  You're on the right track developers just have to get Louis to be a little less formal in the face of impending doom. 

The meeting after the meeting depending on whose side you took.

Difficulty 2/10 or 8/10
As you can fail the puzzle and still complete the episode the difficulty spikes if you want to make it through without leaving Louis an invalid.  As mentioned before this puzzle is extremely hard but with a guide, once those are out, the puzzle will be easy as cake.  I implore you to at least try to complete this puzzle without the help of the guide as it does get your mind working.  The rest of the game is fairly easy just coming down to what choices you want to make and nothing to hard to figure out given the correct use of logic, looking at you Emily and Emma.  

Can you convince him to join your side on the debate of Louisana?

Achievements 1/10
While Big Bad Wolf has improved on the voice acting and other problems I have had with the game they don't seem to want to change their formula for the next couple of episodes, that it only has three per episode and only for doing the quests.  In the first episode, the achievements gave me an opportunity to see other sides of the story and do other paths that I didn't do during my initial playthrough.  However here and the previous episode we aren't giving the reward for doing so so going back just seems tedious and unneeded despite how rewarding it could be for the overall story.  I hope this does change or they go back and add more achievements because I'd love to have a reason to explore other paths in this game.

Can you save his life?

The game is taking steps forward with every episode they add to the game.  I enjoyed the third episode more than the other two combined which is really saying something.  It is [one of the finest episodic adventures I have ever seen let along one of the best point and click adventures games I have ever seen. IF you are a fan of a narrative adventure or point and click games you owe it to yourself to play the council and all of its episodes so far.  I can't wait to see what happens in episode 4 let alone episode 5.  The Council Episode 3: Ripples is available now and I highly Highly recommend it. 

Final Score 83/100

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