Publisher: Stormind Games
Developer:  Darrill Arts
Players: 1
Genre: Horror Survival
Launch Date: July 25th, 2018
Price:   $29.99

As a horror fanatic, it was easy to tell from the beginning cutscene right up to the end this was a game for me.  Obviously, the game takes bits and pieces from other horror games like Silent Hill or Resident Evil but it somehow makes its gameplay and story its own.  The question is am I just biased or did this game really nail it? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Story and Gameplay 8/10

You play as Rosemary Reed 35 year old sleuth as she investigates the disappearance of a child named Celeste.  She confronts the daughter’s father, Mr. Felton, and gets nowhere. Instead of taking no for an answer, and honestly what kind of game would that be?  She sneaks into the house and night to have a look around. Rosemary is then thrown into her darkest nightmares and forced to face fears and enemies, that even chilled me to the bone a couple of times, as she plays the most intense game of hide and seek ever created.

The gameplay is exactly that through a very intense game of hide and seek and while that is the dumbed down version there's a lot of variety in how players choose to play.  You can pick of distractions, weapons, and turn on distractions like a T.V or stereo and lead the stalkers out of your path as you try to escape the mansion while unraveling the mystery surrounding this family.  While you are given an objective list it’s not exactly a do the first then the second and so on. You will be searching high and low for key items to complete the many objectives the game throws your way. While its nerve racking when a stalker sees you and you have to run away the game offers many ways to do so blockade a door with your body, throw an item at their head, stab them in the neck, or run away and hide until they give up the chase.  Every way is situational and really makes you think and more importantly learn the stalkers pattern and learn all the hiding spots on every level of the floor.

After dying a few times I found myself no so much focusing on objectives but watching what the stalker did, where they went, and where all the hiding spots were on each floor.  By the end of the game, I could tell you what was in each room, where to hide, and where the stalker was at almost any given time. I was basically the best dam hide and seek player in the world by the end of this and after about an hour I died only one more time throughout the game.  It was clear the developers meant to reward those who took the time to master their game and I highly suggest it when you make your run.

However you’re not here to hear me boast, you’re here for a review.  While I gave a synopsis of the first 20 minutes of the game it’s definitely not the entirety of the game.  There's plenty of variety when it comes to locations, stalkers, and puzzles. I promise you about an hour in you will continue to come back for more until the credits roll onto your screen.  Even then I wanted more. Now the story of the game isn’t 100% spelled out in the cutscenes and dialog you get throughout the game the collectibles play a big part in understanding everything in this game.  However I really, REALLY don’t want to give anything away so I’ll leave it at that.

Who’s the mysterious red nun?

Graphics 7/10

Now these aren’t anything 4k worthy but it still looks amazing for a horror game.  What i mean by that is the entire game takes place in a dark, gloomy, did i mention dark, mansion.  So why it isn’t anything groundbreaking the graphics they have in this game really add on that extra feeling of loneliness and help the experience feel that much scarier.  The look and feel of the game makes it thrive as a survival horror game, I never felt safe in the game and got pulled in when I was playing in the dark and had to turn a light on in the room I was in.  The game excels at making it feel like a real experience and making you feel like you are trapped in this mansion with Rosemary. I got all these from just the look of the game, not the voice acting, not the music, just how it looked.  I can tell you right now that the games mansion is still deep in my head and I’m not sure I’ ever going to get it out.[/font][/size][/color]

Always keep a watchful eye on your back!

Sound 9/10

You know how one aspect of a game can ruin an entire experience?  This almost did it for me. Don’t get me wrong the voice acting out of cutscenes, the music and spine-chilling sounds that let you know you are in danger or that you have been seen are spot on.  However the voice acting during the cutscenes is well…average. That’s not the worst part though; the cutscenes feel rushed and almost have the characters talking over one another. There is no pause in dialog just one line after another and it just stops feeling real at that point.  A split second after your character stops talking the other person responds almost cutting your character off even though they weren’t supposed to. It’s like hearing two people read lines as quick as they possibly can. It really takes away from the perfection of the rest of the games sounds.  

So we got the bad out of the way so let’s talk about the things that saved this aspect of the game.  It has been awhile since a game has scared me, the last being Fear 2. I have played Outlast, Resident evil 4, 5, and 6, Silent hill 2, and Layers of fear since Fear 2.  I was good throughout all of these but when I was peering around corners, jumping at moths, jumping at music, jumping at being seen, there’s something to be said for the sounds that made me do this.  The music is heart stopping whenever a stalker is near you, the screams and wails of those stalkers are spine chilling when they see you. The craziness of the words that spew from them when they are just walking around is somehow a mixture of funny and seriousness.  This game’s music and sound is overall fantastic. This is a must play for horror fans.

One of these things doesn’t belong here!

Difficulty 5/10

This one’s hard to pin down.  As stated before you can become a master at this game but you’re going to struggle.  There is no difficulty option but the game remains the same difficulty throughout experience despite there being varied enemies and puzzles.  What makes it remain the same is the small map and not so different layouts. You can easily enough find everything you need to complete objectives and complete this game in a couple of hours.  However if you don’t take the time to learn the layout and save often you’re going to be in for one hell of a long ride. There are plenty of items to chuck at your enemies, places to hide, and weapons to use just make sure to stock up when you use them to escape your stalker.  Patience is a virtue here friends that all I have to say.

Be as quiet as a whisper

Achievements 4/10

Almost all are story based except one for collectables.  But as there are only 19 of them it’s a fairly easy completion at about 2-3 hours with a collectable guide.  There’s nothing really else here it’s your average achievement list. I would have liked to see some odd ball achievements like, escape from stalker x times or don’t be seen by a stalker for an entire chapter.  But maybe in the next game by these folks?

Creepy hallways galore!

This game is a must play its exactly what a horror survival game should be.  The story is interesting and has you questioning what’s going on at every turn, the music pulls you into the atmosphere of the game, and the characters feel alive.  Minus the cutscene voice acting and some indie graphics it’s a near perfect experience.



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