Publisher: Bitecore
Developer: Bitecore
Players: 1 -4
Genre:  Platformer
Launch Date: May 4th, 2018
Price:  $9.99/£7.99/€9.99
Bounce Rescue! (I will no longer use the ! to refer to the game) is a simple platformer with a simple premise, reach the goal on all 50 levels and save your friends after they were kidnapped.  Your character has no legs and carries around a giant stick to beat your enemies with.  So how does the childish platformer score?  Let’s dive in
Story and Gameplay 4/10
The story of this game can be summed up in a matter of sentences, which I have done above.  There’s no other story elements here just save your friends from the bad guy.  There’s no dialog, no dialog box, just a short 30 second (if that) animation at the beginning of the game.  It’s a boring dull story with little to no grip to the player. 
As far as gameplay goes it’s just as dull.  You bounce around hitting enemies with a giant wooden stick as you try to complete levels as fast as you can.  While there’s a couple mechanics that differ in every level that really is the all of this game.  You don’t even need a certain number of stars to fight the boss or progress; you really can just beat the levels.  Also the controls are highly frustrating as if your mid bounce when you try to jump your character has to land first making it harder to make those difficult jumps in the game.  There’s also a timer which is there for basically no reason if the timer runs out you just start the level over and since there is no penalty for dying there’s no point to it other than another frustrating mechanic.  This just feels like it should me on a site like miniclip, not Xbox One.

“Well, why is it getting a 4 for the score and not a much lower one?” I hear you cry.  Well dear reader that’s because despite it’s short comings at least they added a multiplayer mode, which to be honest was kind of fun and interesting, and a co-op mode.  Although the ladder is a double edged sword as your progress from single player does not carry over to co-op.  Can’t catch a break I guess…

Don't take my friends!

Graphics 1/10

As people who read my reviews know I have given out a single 10/10 once and a 0/10 never.  This almost did it.  The graphics are bare and hurt your eyes.  There colorful, yes, but the amount of repitiveness, if that’s a word, in the art design is mind boggling.  I just didn’t want to play it anymore after the first three levels.  It all looked the same, felt the same, and honestly just added a new layout to the last level.  That wouldn’t be such a bad thing but as the environment only changes every 10 levels?  No thanks, I can only take it for so long. 

Spooky ghosts everywhere!

Sound 3/10
It’s the same song looped over and over again for each world.  Now it’s long enough that’s its difficult to notice and the bosses have their own theme.  But that’s the only two good points about this.  Everything else is bland and awful.  Kill any enemy and they all make the same sound, one sound for your swing, one for your jump, it’s a sad excuse for animation sounds and it really shows it here. 

One of the more annoying levels in the game

Difficulty  5/10
While the jumping timing is difficult to get used to the game is very easy once you learn the levels.  While some of the mechanics are game breaking and will have you dying over and over again and you can’t do much about it if you play on easy, which why wouldn’t you?  You can beat the game with little difficulty.  Be wary though those game breaking mechanics will frustrate you to no end as I died over 100 times on one level due to the a gravity change over a quicksand pit, it was awful.

Snow level, time to kill some snowmen.

Achievements 6/10
Beat the game, collect all the stars, collect a bunch of coins.  That’s the bulk of the achievements in this game and a rather disappointing list.  However there is an achievement for killing your first bee and the description was:   Kill your first bee: "Faster than lightning, very very frightening." This had me laughing out loud.  If only they had done more of these types of achievements although there were a couple more like the one called, “Do you wanna break a Snowman?”

Faster than lightning, very very frightening !

While the game starts off “good”  it becomes repetitive and boring and has nothing for the player to latch onto.  While it’s obvious this developer should write achievements for every game that’s the only positive of this game.  Just need’s a bit more story and better gameplay and this would have been a great game.

Final Score

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