DONTNOD have literally out of nowhere announced the release date for the first episode of Life Is Strange 2. The Announcement was made during a short twenty second trailer that just shows a backpack being stiched together to form the name Life Is Strange 2 quite simply. The above article image shows you the final look.

One thing to note from the logo is that it seems incredible darker compared to the first game which was filled with white and purple. So far we just get a bit of a dark and murky perspective into where the series may be going, possibly with a darker tone perhaps? No other details so far have been announced, but if you pick up The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit when it launches later this week, that is supposed to give you more of an insight into where the story will delve with Life is Strange 2.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 will be launching on all major platforms on September 27th, are you as excited for this series as we are?

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