The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the Life is Strange 2 prequel announced during E3 2018, will be coming in a few days.  Dontnod Entertainment went ahead and revealed the release times for Captain Spirit, so you can know exactly when you can start playing.
The episode will launch simultaneously across all platforms globally, so you'll be able to get cracking downloading The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, and discover how 10 year old superhero-loving Chris's adventure tie in with the upcoming Life is Strange 2.
Your decisions from The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will carry across to Life is Strange 2 when it eventually launches, but as we know almost nothing about the upcoming sequel proper, it's anyone's guess as to how Chris's path will cross with Max and Chloe's or even if they will as Life is Strange 2 may have nothing to do with them.
Check out the release timings for your region below:

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Monday 25th June.

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