At E3 Microsoft very briefly announced a new feature that would be coming to Xbox One users soon in the form of allowing them to play their downloaded games even faster whilst they downloaded. The feature was to be called FastStart and at the time no other information was really revealed including no sort of inclination into how long we would have to wait before the feature hit our consoles.

Well just today Alpha Insiders have been given the opportunity to go hands on with the latest feature, and whilst the games that will utilize this new function basically have to opt in or have some adjustments made to their code, think akin to something like backwards compatibility. We have been informed that a total of seven games are now live for people to get their hands on and try out just how FastStart really is.

Those games that have been included in the list are:

The Golf Club

The Flame In The Flood

Fuzion Frenzy (Xbox Original)



Dovetail Games Euro Fishing

Casey Powell Lacrosse 16

So whilst the list isn't exactly ideal to probably many users on the Xbox ecosystem, it is still interesting that we have a varied list to choose from, coming in at all different requirements such as file size. Finally the dashboard has now done away with the Entertainment tab to make way for the Game Pass tab. So will you be trying out FastStart, and if so let us know you're thoughts.

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