Seeing as how Ubisoft always likes to keep one trick up it's sleeve when it comes to E3. They usually like to announce at least one new IP that nobody saw coming. This year was no exception, no we didn't get a Splinter Cell reveal that was highly anticipated to happen, but what we did get was Transferrence.

Transferrence is an upcoming psychological thriller, in which the title will be trying to merge both movie and video game to create a unique atmosphere. Ubisoft has promised that the player will be able to play with what they believe is considered "The Truth" as well as watching items vanish out of their reach just as you are about to get close to it.

Whilst the game is primarily going to be VR focused, we can look forward to being able to play an adapted version of the game on Xbox One when it launches. But you can also get your first glimpse of the game below as we have embedded the trailer for your viewing (dis)pleasure.


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