The follow up to the mega succesful Trails franchise, which let us not forget started life as merely flash games for your internet browser way back in the day, has finally been announced in the form of Trials Rising.

Ubisoft and RedLynx formally announced the title during the Ubisoft E3 press conference this year at E3 and you can view the announcement trailer below. We also got a brief idea of the new features the game will be bringing to the table when it launches.

Firstly we know that as you drive around, your rider and bike can take damage, which we can only assume will help to further hinder your progress whilst you try to make it to the finish zones of each track. Additionally destructable elements are being added into the mix as well in the form of tracks being able to be damaged. Not only this but you will constantly always be riding alongside somebody, be it in a team based event or against other peoples ghosts of previous times that they have achieved. So far Trials Rising is looking dead set on being the best ever Trials game to be released. and hey Fusion was pretty had to top from the start.

You can view the announcement trailer here


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